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Yes, people still read actual physical paper books on public transportation. We bothered a few of them to see what they chose to read instead of scrolling through social media sites like everyone else on the Metro. Thanks to these book lovers for putting down their books for a few minutes.

Photos by Sarah Guan

Reading on Metro 2

Name: Kris

What are you reading? Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

Why are you reading what you’re reading? It’s a series I enjoy and I guess I’m working my way through for the second time since a new one just came out. And I guess for escapism, too.

Reading on Metro 1

Name: Aldona

What are you reading? The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Why are you reading what you’re reading? I just picked it up on the recommendation of the man at Books-A-Million. I needed something a little dark and kind of indulgent.

Reading on Metro 3

Name: Liz

What are you reading? Setting the Table  by Danny Meyer

Why are you reading what you’re reading? I’m reading Setting the Table actually as part of my job. I work for Cava Grill and all of our marketing staff and managers are reading it. Danny Meyer is the guy who started Shake Shack and it’s a great resource for hospitality in the workplace.

Reading on Metro 4

Name: James

What are you reading? Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power by Daniel Yergin 

Why are you reading what you’re reading? It was a good time to catch up on it. Just some personal reading. I was a master’s student in natural resources and this book is all about the history of oil.