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All words: Brittany Martin, Stephanie Breijo, Brandon Wetherbee

  • Brittany’s picks

1. My number one priority during SXSW 2014 is NPR Music’s marvelous showcase, which will also be available on a live web stream for those not in Austin (or possibly to watch on your phone from some other show elsewhere at SXSW?). The event will be feature everyone’s favorite semi-post-diy punk band Perfect Pussy, everyone’s favorite singer/chef/ex-wife-of-Nas Kelis, and favorite all-around guitar-goddess amazing lilac-haired dream, St Vincent. And, of course, I just dream of basking in the nerd-cool of NPR Music.

2. Thursday essential: Brooklyn Vegan’s day two-stage day party. It’s a predictably good bill throughout the day, but my primary motivation is to see headliners San Fermin. They were one of my favorite new bands all last year, but I never got to see them perform. (Weirdly, this party in actual Texas will feature tacos catered from a Texas-themed place just down the street from my house in Los Angeles, but, I can tell you, they are certifiably delicious tacos, imported or no.)

3. Guys, I am not proud of the fact that I want to go to an Urban Outfitters party, but that youth-culture-sapping corporation did book Autre Ne Veut and Matthew Dear…

4. One actual serious conference session I will be paying close attention to is this one on Net Neutrality. It’s one of the defining issues of our moment, and I’m eager to hear what the cross-over of music, tech, and film brains assembled in that room will have to say. Oh, and one thing I might avoid? This session on retro ’90s suburban culture. I like some zines and stuff, too, but I am beyond over the 1990’s Gen X nostalgia that has been saturating pop culture in the last few years. SXSW should be about looking forward to what’s new and next.


  • Stephanie’s Picks

Things I Will Theoretically be Able to Attend if I Do Not Lose My Mind in the Process

1. One of my favorite bands in all the land happens to be Black Lips, who just so happen to be playing more than a handful of shows over the course of the week. They’ll be playing 10 (TEN!) shows and doing a DJ set, though I confess I’m probably most excited to see them play the Lou Reed Tribute Show on March 14th.

2. Grumpy Cat is currently at SXSW and you can bet your sweet ass I’m going to do my best to find her there. Think of it like reverse “Homeward Bound” where the people go on a magical quest to find the animals, but with more breakfast tacos and more 5-Hour ENERGY® shots.

3. On March 14th Mark Kozelek is playing in the Central Presbyterian Church. This is obviously a top pick, even if it means leaving a bit early from the Lou Reed tribute show.

4. Oh hey, Consequence of Sound, way to put on a great day party with Against Me! Wye Oak, Together Pangea and more. On Wednesday afternoon, you’ll know where to find me. (PRO TIP: Rumor has it Taco Bell will be there with a new product…)

5. And who could forget the Lagunitas showcase with a great line-up and some specially-brewed SXSW beer? This one’s also on Wednesday so I’ll probably be shuttling back and forth but all the shuttling will be more than worth it once I’m hearing live music by Allen Stone, Shakey Graves and then some. See you there?

Things I Will Not Be Able to Attend, Thusly Filling Me with Jealous Indignity 

1. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” my second-favorite horror film, just got itself a restoration and a screening at SXSW on Monday and, as I arrive on Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be missing it. By a matter of 12-or-so hours. The world is a cruel place but those in Austin on Monday night should most definitely catch it if possible.

2.Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut, is debuting a chocolate chip cookie milk shot on March 9th which, as you can guess, I’ll unfortunately be missing.
Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 1.33.50 PM


  • Brandon’s Picks

1. A HACKATHON (?!?) sponsored by AT&T!?!

I’ve always wanted to code for free for AT&T. That’s what hacking is all about.

From the press release:

SXSW friends, in case you missed this pretty cool news for the tech + music industry, SXSW Music announced it’s first-ever hackathon taking place March 12-13 at the Hilton Austin Downtown with the Awards show on Friday, March 14.
This is a FREE and open to the public event, no SXSW badge is required to attend or participate.


The Music Hackathon Championship is proud to have AT&T U-verse with GigaPower as the event’s presenting sponsor, with further sponsorship and API support from Tech Open Air Berlin, Beats Music, Choose Digital, Warner Music Group, Gracenote, Rdio, Senzari, The Echo Nest, Spotify, and more. Produced in coordination with Travis Laurendine of CODEMKRS.

2. A Virtual Conversation with Edward Snowden

This is why Edward Snowden did what he did. Take away SXSW, Snowden doesn’t do a god damn thing.

3. A Virtual Conversation with Julian Assange

See 2.

4. Hanging out with my friends Stephanie and Steve.

One is a comic. One is in a metalhead. Both are at The New Movement on Sunday night.

Steve’s band, Destroyer of Light, is playing 3 SXSW shows because that’s what bands do.

5. Spreading rumors about Godsmack playing the Doritos Locos Taco Side Stage at every venue