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Photos By Nicholas Karlin, Assistance from Jeff Martin
Models: Brittany Carney, Linsay Deming, Kaylee Dugan, Chloe Fedyna, Katherine Jessup, Naomi Karavani, Doug Markson, Elizabeth Norman, Norm Quarrington, Mikala Rempe, Kelly Rodgers, Jenn Tisdale, Kevin Tit

The Women’s March on Washington is Saturday, January 21. Thousands of people will gather at Independence Ave and Third St SW at 10 a.m. Those that aren’t able to make it to Washington, D.C. will participate in one of the 616 other planned marches.

The following is full of suggestions of appropriate attire for the marches. Most of the clothing was provided by The Outrage, a pop up show at 2439 18th St NW in Adams Morgan. The Planned Parenthood shirts and condoms come from Planned Parenthood. The Baily shirt is available on the WWE site.

Most of the models will be participating in the WHAT A JOKE comedy festival between January 19 and 21. Proceeds from the festival will go towards the ACLU.

Wear whatever you want to the Women’s March or any other protest surrounding the inauguration. There is no dress code. We’re championing these looks because they benefit Planned Parenthood and women’s empowerment organizations.

The Outrage-10The Outrage-25The Outrage-29The Outrage-144The Outrage-78The Outrage-86The Outrage-17The Outrage-13The Outrage-19The Outrage-142The Outrage-127The Outrage-132The Outrage-133The Outrage-136The Outrage-137The Outrage-32The Outrage-41The Outrage-45The Outrage-47The Outrage-138The Outrage-61The Outrage-63The Outrage-139The Outrage-146The Outrage-147The Outrage-150The Outrage-151The Outrage-140The Outrage-66The Outrage-68The Outrage-141The Outrage-70The Outrage-73The Outrage-143The Outrage-115The Outrage-118The Outrage-119The Outrage-122The Outrage-91The Outrage-99The Outrage-104The Outrage-96The Outrage-145The Outrage-107The Outrage-110The Outrage-9The Outrage-8