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Do you find yourself in the middle of a shooting frequently? Are you a target and don’t want to wear bulky bulletproof vests because they clash with your outfit? Are you still trying to find something to wear to Sharks & Lasers that will keep you from getting shot or stabbed*?

Well, you’re in luck! Canadian clothier Garrison Bespoke has made a bulletproof suit, ideal to wear to Sharks & Lasers! Garrison Bespoke prides itself on making suits to fit the needs of all of their clients, which apparently includes being a human target. They had three expectations: for it to be stylish so you’re not awkward at meetings, to be light and comfortable, and actually work. Don’t worry, it’s been tested and the suit will protect you from both bullets and stabbings!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.41.24 AM

Image courtesy of Garrison Bespoke

James Bond would have certainly worn this suit. He gets shot dozens of times in every movie. (We know he doesn’t get shot in every movie, but he did get shot in Skyfall. -ed)

Now, you can be a spy, crime leader and/or a dictator and not worry about getting shot or stabbed while looking good. You could also be a diplomat, but let’s face it, it’s more exciting if you’re a mob boss or a spy.

You only have to dish out $19,160 for this suit. If you’re getting shot at and lunged at with knives on a consistent basis, it’s safe to assume you have almost $20 K to spend on one bulletproof outfit. Or you’re bad at your job. The suit is perfect for day-to-day business, but it’s really built for the nightlife. Seriously, it will be perfect to wear at Sharks & Lasers.

*You will not be shot or stabbed at Sharks & Lasers. Probably. Spies, you know?