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We’re SUPER excited to tune into the virtual opening event for Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s super cool exhibition, Girlhood (It’s Complicated) tomorrow night (Thursday, October 8th) at 7pm ET! The lineup is pretty insane; we’re talking Billie Jean KingBeanie FeldsteinJudi OyamaJazz JenningsAllyson FelixMomona TamadaMadame Gandhi, the Washington Mystics, Tayla Parx, Tegan & Sara, Hoda & Savannah, Alia Shawkat, Crystal Dunn Soubrier and many more!

You can scope it from anywhere for free, just be sure to RSVP!

We’re already thinking about what we’ll be toasting with, so we asked a few of our favorite cool girls to tell us what their drinks of choice are; some are boozy (for any of you 21+ who partake), some are alcohol-free. Feel free to steal some inspo, or shoot your better ideas to @brightestyoungthings on IG!

RSVP and we’ll see you tomorrow night for a virtual cheers!

Shizu Okusa – Founder and CEO, JRINK & Apothekary

A JRINK of course during the day 😉

Some sparkling water + dash of cayenne / lime at night! 

Nicole Blank – Founder and CEO, Sunomi Switchel

sunōmi switchel!

Ashley Mason-Greene, Calabash Tea & Tonic

I’ve been taking a break from alcohol so my go-to drink has been Calabash Tea & Tonic’s Triple Goddess. It’s a Turmeric, Ginger and Galangal blend. I enjoy drinking it because I know drinking it means I’m being proactive about my wellness and with a little agave, it reminds me of a hot toddy. 

Meghan Malik, CEO, shopsaintkits.com

sangria! Because you can literally mix a bottle of red wine, add some fruit, a little juice, a little sparkle and shine! Easy, simple, delicious and goes with everything! 

TrapBob, Artist

water with lemons, cucumbers, and mint! I drink a gallon of water a day and it’s easy because the fruits make it so refreshing! I always have a jug with me.

Melinda Machado, Director of Advertising and Communications, Smithsonian National Museum of American History

I think I have a pink bubbly wine in a can to break open!

Elise Luthi, Senior Special Events Coordinator, Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Like Melinda, I will also be having something pink (and watching with my mom, who is actually visiting this weekend!).

Priya Konings, BYT Contributing Writer

A Negroni! A strong drink to represent all of the strong women I know. 

Elsie Yang, BYT Contributing Writer

Loving my kombucha these days — either the alcoholic or the non-alcoholic version. The non-boozy version comes with good-for-you probiotics, while the alcoholic version is generally low sugar and low calorie while being high flavor (and can be shockingly high ABV). Wild Tonic and Unity Vibration make fabulous versions of both, while GT and Health-Ade are tried and true favorites. 

What are you gonna be sippin’? Let us know!