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Howdy Campers! In two weeks we’ll take over the Smithsonian American Art Museum and transform the beautiful Kogod Courtyard into CAMP BYT!

Every ticket to End-Of-Summer Camp gets you in to see all the performances, the American Myth & Memory exhibition and access to an open bar stacked with cocktails from some of the best bars in D.C.

Like any good camp, we also have so many other fun things for you to do throughout the evening. Here’s a sneak peak at some of our activities – take a look and plan the perfect night for you and your bunkmates!

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your tickets now to join us on September 20. Our $65 Getting Campy level tickets are going fast and we don’t want you heading up the creek without a paddle!

Purchase Your Tickets Now, Prices Will Go Up!

The best part about going off to camp is the wonderful time you get to spend with friends around the fire, drinking some good old Bulleit Frontier Whiskey! Our gender-neutral Bulleit Cowperson & Bourbon Campsite is the perfect place to wind down next to the (not real) fire pit with a fun s’mores treat and a Bulleit, lemon, and tonic cocktail.

Live your life like you’re on the frontier and don’t forget to capture those memories at our campsite photobooth!

Did you luck out and meet the person of your dreams at camp? Well before you both head home and never see each other again, swing by the Camp Crush Polaroid Station and save that moment forever!

Missing someone while you’re at camp? Your dog? Your mom? Don’t worry, our Letters from Camp Station has you covered. It’s the perfect way to let them know that you’re okay and having a great time without them! A trained poet will be on-site to help you craft a beautiful message that lets them know you’re thinking about them, without sounding
too lonely.

The only thing better than friendship is the material goods you use to show off your amount of friends! Bring your BFFs to the Camp Crafts Station to make a lovely set of friendship bracelets that will cement your bond and bring you closer together. If you arrive early enough, you might be lucky enough to get a limited edition End-Of-Summer Camp t-shirt at our screen printing station.

End-Of-Summer Camp is all about learning who you are (and are not.) Are you the kind of person to get a soccer ball on your cheek? The type who says, “I want some sick flames painted on my forehead to show how hot I am?” We’re bringing in an amazing Face Painter to help you answer these questions. Live your life and find your true identity, full tiger-face girl!

Camp BYT and End-Of-Summer Camp are here for one night only, so it’s important to pack as much fun as you can into this incredible 3.5 hour party.

That being said, we totally get it if that’s a little overwhelming. One of the beautiful things about camp is that you only have to do the things that you want to, and if you really want to take a nap, our Heineken Hammock Lounge is the perfect hangout for you. Grab a refreshingly cold Heineken beer and let the hammock’s gentle rocking take you away to a happy place.

All these activities are yours for the doing, if you get up and come to End-Of-Summer Camp on September 20th! Grab your tickets now and we’ll see you at Camp BYT for a museum after hours party with an open bar, music, and s’much’more!

End-Of-Summer Camp
Friday, September 20th
8:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
@ Smithsonian American Art Museum
800 G St NW Washington DC 20004