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Where we have the interns blindly comment on 6 songs in a row that come up on BYT office iPod playlist shuffle. Enjoy!

Joey Volcano age 25
Mikala age 21
Jeremie age “Eternal spirit not of this world. But some say I look 25.”
Beachy Kelly age 22

1. “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” by Crash Test Dummies from God Shuffled His Feet (1993)

Joey Volcano: Particularly during the intro of the song, I feel like it really wants to be a crappy country song with your typical deep-throated (lol) vocalist, but it never quite gets there. The vocal harmonizing from the female at the end almost made me laugh. This did not make me feel any feelz.

Mikala: Plz don’t fire me because I’m not well versed in music bc I really like this job :/  Ok I’ve never heard this before…but it does sound vaguely reminiscent of my teenage years in Nebraska where I was often found in a cornfield drinking Mich Ultra just as warm, but also just as gross, as this melody.

Smooth, buttery, like a rustic Appalachian croissant for the ears.
Jenn is talking so my initial response was ruined. Dammit Jenn.
The instruments sound like Fruity Loops files.
The lyrics are unintelligible. Like he’s mumbling with a mouth full of chewing tobacco and white bread.
There are literally 7 words in this whole song it’s mostly mumbling, humming, and “oooooohhhhhhhh”ing.
Sounds like Garth Brooks asking for directions and trying to figure out if he can reach the next gas station with the fuel left in his tank.

Beachy Kelly: Already this song makes me unhappy. I don’t know if it is because of the guy’s voice or what, but I am not a fan. I have no idea who the artist is to be honest.

2. “Ice Cream” by Raekwon from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… (1995)

Joey Volcano: I’m widdit. The Rap Yearbook is on my coffee table, after all. Is this in it? I feel like it’s in it. It should be in it. Haven’t had lunch but suddenly in the mood for dessert… with whipped C.R.E.A.M. on top.

Mikala: Oh my god. I don’t recognize this one either. Today is definitely the day Cale fires me.

The WU!
Man… Action Bronson really does sound like Ghostface. Except with more food.
That [respectable woman] has also been in my mind all week. Plot twist: she’s landlord and the sink is broken.
Random, but I love when hip-hop samples have that vinyl popping texture.
I’d like to conduct a survey about how Black Women feel about constantly being compared to food or edible things. Flattering? Degrading? For science…

Beachy Kelly: It sounds like 90s hip hop. Or 80s? Is that even a thing? I am struggling with this today. The artist(s) sound like the people who do “No Diggity.” Why am I so painfully white? Ugh.

3. “All The Photos” by The Sea and Cake from Oui (2000)

Joey Volcano: This has that wispy sense of yearning that’s present in most of the wimpy indie music I like to listen to. But I don’t like the vocals on this.

Mikala: I love this song! It’s so sweet and happy. Also I feel like it would fit in great to a montage that invloves cooking/baking. Are you listening Nora Ephron you ruined Julia Child’s story for us all with Julie and Julia‘s awful soundtrack are you kidding me?!?!

Opening sounds like a Korean Karaoke instrumental.
The music video for this is probably a skinny white guy with an asymmetric bob standing in a desert or salt flat singing while looking away from the camera.
Makes me want to put sprinkles on things.
This is the kind of music you only dance with your neck to… not bob your head but specifically dance with your neck.

Beachy Kelly: Fun little guitar in the beginning, sounds kind of alternative, and the singer sounds very much out of breath. You ok bud? I am three for three with guessing the artist and/or song today. I have zero clue, but the song is fun.

4. “Just Don’t Know” by El Guapo/Supersystem from Fake French (2002)

Joey Volcano: There’s a smile creeping across my face during this one. Playful and silly and that beat is about as fire as Ice Cream’s. They probably play this during indie dance night at DC9 and get all the hipsters moving like goofballs.

Mikala: At first I got really excited because I thought this was Savage Garden, but it’s just this lame electronic song with a chorus of “I don’t know.”

Sounds like a 90s driving video game soundtrack.
I need to drink more water.
This sounds like a stalker’s theme song.
This is the kind of music a pedophile plays to get in the zone.
Summer 2016: Men in Trenchcoats present the “Restraining Order” tour.

Beachy Kelly: Electronic and upbeat. Interesting. The vocals are kind of strange, which is to be expected with music that plays in the BYT office. They keeping saying, “you just don’t know,” and its pretty accurate.

5. “My Dog Was Lost But Now He’s Found” by The Fiery Furnaces from Blueberry Boat (2004)

Joey Volcano: My dog got lost one time when I was like 10 and some family found him, took care of him, and renamed him to something dumb, like Tiny. That is a stupid name. Fritz shall be the only acceptable name for a dachshund. I don’t know how we eventually found him. That dog kinda sucked anyway. RIP.

Mikala: Ok also never heard this one before (literally watching Cale write my pink slip as I type) but the line about losing the dog paired with the beat kinda makes me laugh. Like this seems like a song that could appear on a Meatloaf & Gwyneth Paltrow collaborated children’s album that teaches altruism and responsibility to preschoolers.

Why was she mean to her dog?
If she’s using “dog” (dawg) as slang for a close amicable companion, this has a completely different meaning.
Well I’m glad the dog was found.
I like the bluesy transition. Like Gary Clarke Junior meets Melanie Martinez.
This sounds like a super-hip Sesame Street tune about a missing – wait for it – dog.
Oh GOD… this wasn’t about religion was it? Next.

Beachy Kelly: It sounds like my nemesis, Zoey Deschanel, is singing. I really like the piano in this song, but the lyrics are kind of silly. Sorry to hear about your dog — glad you found him though.

6. “Billie Jean / Eleanor Rigby” by Caetano Veloso from Caetano Veloso (1986)

Joey Volcano: Can I just get the acoustic version on this one? It’s really good. I don’t know about the rest. It has its moments, but the vocals are not spicy enough to do the musical accompaniment (or MJ) justice.

Mikala: Thank God finally a song I know. Fun fact about me when I was in fourth grade I got send to the principals office with a crew of girls who had 80s loving parents because we would run around and sing and dance at recess. Our greatest crime was that we called ourselves the “Billie Jeans.” Yes I went to Catholic school if you’re wondering. Also, this is a beautiful cover!

Sounds like Turquoise Jeep channeling Frank Sinatra a la Girl from Ipanema.
This is actually kind of great. Bossa Nova Billie Jean.
Can we reflect how the kid dodged a bullet by Michael Jackson not claiming him/her?
Smooth Eleanor Rigby transition.
The lonely people are the children who grew up fatherless.

Beachy Kelly: Aaaaaand a song that is half speaking English in the beginning? Oh? Okay now its playing a Latin-sounding rendition of Billy Jean. Okay I can dig it. But it ended in lyrics from a Beatles song? God I am so confused. I think this one was my favorite though. No guess as to who the artist was though.