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Where we have the interns comment on 6 songs that come up on random on the BYT office iPod playlist

Sarah, Age 19
Trent, Age 19
Heidi, Age 21
Morgan, Age 20

1) “Boss Of Me” by They Might Be Giants (2001) from Dial-A-Song

Sarah – Angsty teenager. That’s all.
Trent – Ahh, They Might Be Giants. I loved Malcolm in the Middle, (stop judging me) and I can’t possibly hear this and not be brought back to the good old days. No but seriously this is awesome, don’t ignore those horns and sweet sweet bongos.
Heidi – This is the theme song of Malcolm in the Middle, I think? Immediately ashamed of how much IFC I’ve watched
Morgan – IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS SONG I DON’T LIKE YOU. And you were likely home-schooled/have never had a job/had parents that let you run wild. You were a feral child. Nice.

2) “Loser” by Jerry Garcia (1972) from Garcia

Sarah – This is good. Very country, twangy.
Trent – This is cool, I’m getting a little Doors, a little Velvet Underground from this. I feel like I should be out in L.A. frying in the sun or something.
Heidi – Jon Bon Jovi after a dental cleaning
Morgan – I feel like playing cards and drinking beer.

3) “Demented Drums” (mixed) by Tres Demented/Carl Craig (2003) from Optimo’s How To Kill the DJ Part 2

Sarah – I feel like I am in an underground European dance club.
Trent – Are we in that weird rave scene from The Matrix Reloaded?
Heidi – Thunder and cricket…the Amazons?
Morgan – If interns could be infiltrated into an underground sweat shop location…..they would play this song on repeat.

4) “Uncertain Smile” (7″ Version) by The The (1982) from Left of the Dial


Sarah – This song would be awesome to perform at Eurovision. I am picturing a huge ballpit with a fan blowing balls everywhere.
Trent – Is that…a flute? Ugh, I normally like the whole 80’s vibe but this just seems like it should be played at the end of a bad 80’s high school dramady. Ew.
Heidi – For some reason this song sets me into a laundry-folding mood. And I do like folding laundry.
Morgan – I really love this song, like ‘the song I always play while I’m walking home’ type of love.

5) “Pack Yr Romantic Mind” by Stereolab (1993) from Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements

Sarah – Lazy, gauzy, Sunday afternoon
Trent – Not bad. Kind of spacey, kind of surf-rockish, a touch of post-rock a la Smashing Pumpkins or something.
Heidi – I can totally see myself reading on my porch, under an overcast Sunday morning sky, with this playing in the background.
Morgan – Gotta be French right? Smells foreign

6) “Ice Cold Ice” by Husker Du (1987) from Warehouse: Songs and Stories

Sarah – At first I thought this was the Japandroids. It’s not. Regardless, I really like this song.
Trent – Holy power chords Batman. Wait, no, holy tempo change Batman. This singer reminds of Michael Stipe, but not as put together. Maybe if Stipe had a weird DIY skatecore band in his rebellious youth (pre-REM) it would sound something like this?
Heidi – Feels exactly like what cutting through huge hordes of pedestrians outside the metro station today feels like – annoyed, but also adrenaline rush
Morgan – I dig it. Could’ve been in the School of Rock or Blades of Glory of soundtrack. The intense parts.