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Where we have the interns comment on 6 songs that come up on random on the BYT office iPod playlist.

Sarah, age 19
Trent, age 19
Emily, age 20

1. “I’m So Green” by CAN from Ege Bamyasi

Sarah: This song pretty good. It’s funky, and got a lot better as it went on.

Trent: Funky alt-fusion? I can dig this. The vocals kind of throw me off though, they just sound out of place.

Emily: I’m picturing the singer wearing a black leather jacket and aviators with like slicked back black hair and a toothpick in his mouth.

2. “Tender Buttons” by Broadcast from Tender Buttons

Sarah: If a modern art museum was turned into a song it would be this song.

Trent: So we have atmospheric vocals over synths over tremolo plucked bass over straight-quarter-note droning guitar over a drum machine. What is happening?

Emily: This doesn’t seem like something I would like…. but I do.

3. “Fear of a Black Planet” by Public Enemy from Fear of a Black Planet

Sarah: This screams 90s to me. Which is weird since I was 5 when the 90s ended and I probably had no idea what 90s culture was like. (Is this Will Smith…?)

Trent: Cool sampling, fun beat, weird vocal manipulations. I would drive to something like this

Emily: Old school vibe. I can see my dad jamming to this.

4. “Pretty Saro (Unreleased, Self Portrait, 3/3/70)” by Bob Dylan from The Bootleg Series Vol 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)

Sarah: The guy is singing about how his love interest doesn’t want him and what he would do instead of actually doing anything to win her back.

Trent: I grew up with a lot of Paul Simon, so it was easy to get into Bob Dylan from there. It’s definitely fall-time music for me though, for whatever reason.

Emily: This makes me feel lots of things. And also want to sit on a dock with my feet dangling in a cold lake.

5. “Daydream” by Gunter Kallmann Choir from The Best of Sampled Compilation

Sarah: I like this song. Now I have an urge to dress like a hippie, lie among flowers, and strum a mandolin.

Trent: I couldn’t tell you what year this was from if you paid me.

Emily: This would totally be the song that plays in a movie when the protagonist is going a little crazy, but it’s not entirely destructive just yet.

6. “The Blood” by The Cure from The Head On The Door

Sarah: For some reason I picture a romance novel cover with a guy singing in an Arabian palace in the middle of a desert.

Trent: If Robert Smith did a track with Rodrigo y Gabriela, I feel like this is pretty much what it would sound like. Hm.

Emily: Fun guitar. The lyrics are kinda neat. I like it.