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Where we have the interns comment on 6 songs that come up on random on the BYT office iPod playlist.

Sarah, age 19
Morgan, age 20
Trent, age 19

1. “Nobody Knows What’s Going On (In My Mind But Me)” by The Chiffons from Girl Group Sounds Box Set

Sarah: The chorus reminds me of Lady Gaga but then there is a 60s girl group vibe to the song too. It confuses me.

Morgan: A bip boppin song. Redundant, but reminds me of a song I would sing a long to during my Madonna phase (8-years-old).

Trent: Ok, cool. Very retro sounding – wait is that a harp?

2. “The End of The Tour” by They Might Be Giants from John Henry

Sarah: This song is cute but I have a feeling that it is actually really dark. So I guess I shouldn’t call it cute.

Morgan: Listen to the theme song for Veggie Tales. If that guy made an adult version of the song this is what it’d sound like.

Trent: Campy. Why do I feel like this would be part of a late-90’s drama/comedy soundtrack?

3. “Sea Quake” by Drexciya from Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV

Sarah: Not bad. It reminds me of some of the things I had to listen to in my Visual Literature class. Yes we listened to music in a visual lit class.

Morgan: So Euro- (fill in the blank). Trash? Rave? Rat Race?

Trent: It sounds like Daft Punk drank too much with Deadmau5. So why do I dig it?


4. “Summer Babe [Winter Version]” by Pavement from Slanted & Enchanted

Sarah: Yawn. The monotone is too much. It gets a little better at the end though.

Morgan: You know what…I really like this.

Trent: Woah wait, I like that bassline. That and the vocals remind me of early Modest Mouse, or Pixies. Yeah I definitely like this.

5. “Give Me Back My Name” by Talking Heads from Little Creatures

Sarah: I like this song. I would probably add it to my iPod if I still bought music.

Morgan: If this song were a person he’d have slicked back hair and really be creeping me out right now.

Trent: I like it, but then again I feel like this is buried in my iTunes somewhere. This much compression and chorus on the guitar just makes the whole track reek of the 80’s.

6. “I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen from Born In The USA

Sarah: I’m alternating between I like this song and I am bored by this song.

Morgan: I know this song. It’s one of those that forces you to reminisce, and feel sad, even if you don’t know what you’re remembering.

Trent: Ugh, here we go. My roommate is from Jersey, so you can probably imagine the amount of crap I catch for boldly proclaiming that Springsteen does absolutely nothing for me (and now it’s emblazoned on the interwebs for all of eternity, sorry Jake).