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Where we have the interns blindly comment on 6 songs in a row that come up on BYT office iPod playlist shuffle. We kept the spelling errors intact. Enjoy!

Nathalie age 19
Connor age 20
Andrea age 20
Amitesh age 27
Joshua age 32

1. “Turn Into Earth” by Al Stewart from The Elf

Nathalie: The beginning sounds like a song from Twilight (sorry, I did see Twilight). I was not expecting the voice to sound so old-time countryish.

Connor: This reminds me of my confirmation service at the Newark Episcopal Church, when I was like 13? But I don’t go to church anymore so this is only instilling the fear of God within me once more. Damn that Catholic guilt. This is the music Adult Jazz will play at funeral services when they lose their record deal.

Andrea: This sounds like I’m making my way through a crusade in the middle of the Sahara desert with some guy who is trying really hard to stay optimistic about the fact that we’re about to die.

Amitesh: I like the waltzy beats. And the choir-y sounds. I am confused.

Joshua: Probably the intro credits song to the new James Bond Film. I bet the graphics will be dope. Good background music for my yuppie hipster mad men party.

2. “What If Your Dull (I Would Hurt A Fly)” by Built To Spill from The Electronic Anthology Project

Nathalie: This one kind of sounds like the first song. It’s also making me feel a little depressed. It does kind of remind me of a mix between Iron & Wine and Death Cab for Cutie.

Connor: Who are these Radiohead knockoffs and who let them out of the 90s? Can we agree to not use harpsichords non-ironically in alternative rock anymore.

Andrea: I already feel like I am on my death bed. Did he just say fingernails across my womb? Towards the end there is a weird space-y noise that is suddenly interrupted by his voice. Rude .

Amitesh: This song makes me feel horrible about myself. But also, a little stalker-y. “Let you go to sleep, feeling as bad as me . . . .” Cool rhythm though.

Joshua: At first I was thinking remember that time Enya tried to be “cool?” but then the lyrics kicked in and I just kept on thinking how much I’ve always hated Linking Park. Always.

3. “Fireworks” by Polock from Getting Down From the Trees

Nathalie: We finally got into an upbeat song. I’m not sure how I feel about it…I’ve never been a fan of songs that have counting in it, it makes me feel like I’m listening to a song from Sesame Street.

Connor: This song had promise right up to the point that the singer opened his mouth. I think the lead singer is Quebecois, maybe Phoenix sold him some of their guitar pedals out of the back of a van in Luxembourg. Actually this song is pretty fun. I liked the way it switches it up in the middle before going back to the melody.

Andrea: this is definitely a boy band song. This definitely belongs in the opening credits of a nickelodeon show.

Amitesh: Finally a happy song!

Joshua: BYTGay will love is shit.

4. “Rock Steady” by The Whispers from Just Gets Better With Time

Nathalie: Now I’ve been transported into the 80s! It sounds like the first try into the world of hip-hop boy bands.

Connor: Seems like the type of song suburban moms would dance to at 1 PM with a glass of white wine in hand. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If you slowed this down 50% you could have a pretty solid vaporwave track.

Andrea: the enjoyment level of this song would increase if I was in a convertible car riding down pacific coast highway. You cant really dance to it, but it has a feel good vibe.

Amitesh: Très 80s. Everyone outside the BYT office is literally walking to the beat of this song. And bobbing their heads as well. You know those songs where the beat matches any pace – it’s one of those! My parents would like this song. Not really. But they would, secretly.

Joshua: This song is a classic. It was always be good. Every DJ should play it. No matter what genera they spin.

5. “Detachable Penis” by King Missile from Happy Hour

Nathalie: The beginning started out promising and now I’m feeling violated. This is not a song, he’s literally talking about finding and attaching his penis. How was this ever produced? I’m assuming it’s called Detachable Penis…nice.

Connor: This is the most 90s thing I’ve ever heard. Good God, why would you write a song about a detachable penis. Someone call Chuck Palahniuk, I’ve got an idea for his next novel.

Andrea: this song follows the journey of a man’s detached penis. As if glorifying the male penis is something anyone enjoys.

Amitesh: YAASS!!!!! Detachable Penis!!!!!!!!! There is surely some gender/queer theory attached to this song. But it’s great even without! The chorus is great. I’d dance to it – interpretatively.

Josh had to go let the HVAC guy into his apartment or something so I will write the rest of the song reviews for him.

Joshua: Don’t forget to bring a towel. Yeah, thas the melody to funkytown.

6. “Your Song” by Elton John from Elton John

Nathalie: ELTON JOHN – YOUR SONG!!!! This song could never get old, everyone needs to appreciate it. This was quite the transition from Detachable Penis.

Connor: Yo, Elton John. I do mind. I didn’t want this song. I told everyone this was my song and they didn’t believe me.

Andrea: Honestly, if this song wasn’t as famous as it is I’d probably hate it. Sorry to disappoint all you lovers of this classic, but this is a song that should only be played once every few years just to see if you can still remember the lyrics. AKA this song is just a game of memory.

Amitesh: I feel nothing. Oh no! I’m broken!

Joshua: Just let me get high, I no I can remember if I just get high i have no idea waht’s goin on.