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Where we have the interns blindly comment on 6 songs in a row that come up on BYT office iPod playlist shuffle.

Marissa age 23
Ruby age 19
Zeke age 23
Ana age 19
Mykalee age 22

1. “We Are Sex Bob-Omb (Fast)” by Beck & Nigel Godrich from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Original Score

Marissa: GUITAR RIFF!!!! This reminds me of those Mary Kate and Ashley movies where EVERY MOVIE they’d have a scene where they just go shopping. This would be the song that would play while they’re trying on wacky outfits and oversized sunglasses

Ruby: It’s nice and loud. Oh, was that it? Okay.

Zeke: Punk music is my coffee. Also, like the 8-bit ending a la Mario Brothers.

Ana: So what happened to the rest of the song?

Mykalee: I like the Mario like-ending

2. “Naked As We Came” by Iron & Wine from Our Endless Numbered Days


Marissa: IRON AND WINE IRON AND WINE IRON AND WINE! This reminds me of my first boyfriend in high school. We thought we were really cool because we watched Garden State on repeat and snuck into Black Keys concerts (Black Keys kept doing tours with cigarette companies and no one under 18 was allowed in)

Ruby: This is probably song two or three that I actually recognize, and it’s mostly because my ex-boyfriend was obsessed with Iron & Wine. It was the only thing he would play in his car, and while Iron & Wine sounds nice, it’s not my ideal music for driving to a fun party on a Friday night. He owned physical copies of every Iron & Wine CD (no one buys physical copies of CDs), and would also burn CDs with combos of his favorite songs in a very specific order. But now he’s an English major and writes poetry and wears his hair in a bun, so it all makes sense.

Zeke: Listening to Iron and Wine is at times like having a bad reaction to Valium. This is the music that your introduction to film professor is all about.

Ana: This song is so peaceful. I just want to curl up in a sunny spot and take a nap like cats do. It would be the perfect lullaby, if he wasn’t telling me to keep my “eyes wide open”.

Mykalee: It was nice and calm. I appreciate that.

3. “I’ll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Remix)” by Sally Shapiro from Remix Romance Vol 1

Marissa: I literally feel like I could leave this room, solve world hunger, and come back in and the song would still be playing. How long is this?? It’s been like 20 minutes already, my short attention span cannot handle.

Ruby: I can’t enjoy this. It’s the type of song that just seems to keep repeating over and over while my inner voice is yelling, “When does something happen?” The bass (my music terminology is limited so bear with me) is just so repetitive. Whisper-esque singing doesn’t really help for me either. I tend to stray away from anything even slightly techno.

Zeke: If Chromeo help produce a modern lounge soundtrack. This beat deserves lasers and girls dancing around with light-up hula-hoops.

Ana: It was a catchy beat at first, but it didn’t go anywhere, and after about half a minute I’m tired of it. It’s good restaurant or bar music though, because most people aren’t paying attention to the song for long enough to realize it’s the same phrase on loop.

Mykalee: And all of a sudden I’m at a club. -__- *fistbump*

4. “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes from Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

Marissa: When I was little I thought this song was sung by a dude. But then again I used to think that when singers would say “you” in songs that they were talking directly to me. I blame my parents.

Ruby: My friend once made me a playlist after I broke up with a guy, and this was on it. It didn’t really make any sense, but I think she just liked 4 non blondes. Actually, now that I’m listening to this, it’s kind of depressing. What was my friend thinking? Was she trying to covertly say that getting high might help? Or did she think I would identify with lying in bed crying? Questionable.

Zeke: Going on a road trip this weekend and this song will no doubt be added onto the sing-along playlist. Some things are just made to be holler’d out a car window on the interstate.

Ana: I’m not sure if I’ve heard any other song by them (or if anyone else has), but as a fellow non-blonde, I approve.

Mykalee: yaaaayyy! calm music! Oh no, the singer sounds horrible.

5. “Eyes Of The World” by Grateful Dead from Wake of the Flood

Marissa: This is a sunny song. Ahhh and it looks likes it’s an amazingly warm and sunny day outside. I need to get outside. I think a super long “lunch break” might be in order right now. If anyone needs me I’ll be strolling casually down 14th street until Garden District opens. See you there!

Ruby: I like this much more than techno-charged #3. It’s smooth and catchy, and I could definitely be bobbing my head along to the rhythm while on my morning commute. For some reason I think this type of music is cute.

Zeke: The Grateful Dead are a playful bunch of intrepid musicians. Gotta love Jerry’s guitar noodling—the things good vibes are made of.

Ana: I’m really not sure how I feel about this song. It’s okay, but it doesn’t stand out in any way and I’m having a hard time thinking of any opinions to have about it.  I’m rather decidedly ambivalent about it actually.

Mykalee: Damn it! It sounded like Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On. I was about to two step!

6. “Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along” by The Jesus Lizard from Head/Pure


Marissa: GAHHH THERE’S ONE MORE. This song is ruining my lunch break plans I hate it already. Hate is a strong worddddd but I really really really don’t like you (I really don’t like you) NOW THAT IT’S OVER I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I LIKED ABOUT YOU. Ah Plain White T’s whatever happened to you? I think they were murdered by the people in this metal-esque band. Just a thought, not an accusation.

Ruby: The start is possibly something taking on or off? Like a space ship getting all charged for launch or something? It gives off an apocalyptic vibe with lots of tension and noise. I just read Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titans and I think this would be a great song for that.

Zeke: These are just construction noises. Thanks, Trent Reznor.

Ana: Is this a song? A lawn mower? A sound track to a horror movie? The world ending? It’s really stressing me out actually. If I could measure my blood pressure right now, it’s probably skyrocketing.

Mykalee: This is not a song. It’s what you hear at a car garage. Stop playing.