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Where we have the interns blindly comment on 6 songs in a row that come up on BYT office iPod playlist shuffle.

Marissa age 23
Michael age 22
And since there are only two interns today I had staff member Jenn do this too cause even though she is 35 she acts like she’s 15.

1. “Call Me Maybe (Saint Pepsi Edit)” by Carly Rae Jepsen/Saint Pepsi from Call Me Maybe (Saint Pepsi Edit) Single

Marissa: This sounds like my roommate made a recording of himself singing in the shower! And then added a clap track behind it… Is this what he’s been doing while he’s in the shower? GET OUT OF THE SHOWER RYAN I NEED TO SHOWER TOO

Michael: There’s something meditative about this producer’s music. I can’t really imagine a track like this playing at the dance club, but I can definitely see myself chilling around the house to it. Wait… is this a super-trippy edit of “Call Me Maybe?” Far out.

Jenn: First of all it’s a cover of “Call Me Maybe,” but beyond that, if someone let Boyz II Men time travel to today this is the song they would record. What’s up it’s got me DOWN ON BENDED KNEE except while I’m down there I’m swaying side-to-side. Also people are definitely going to the Bone Zone with this one. This is the song that should have a break in the middle by some guy starting off a slow jam chat with “Baby….” I do wish this person didn’t record this cover while showering. Is he underwater? Who is he meeting underwater? Darryl Hannah from Splash (showing my age again)? Would I call this guy? Probably not, phones don’t work underwater.

2. “Another The Letter” by Wire from Chairs Missing


Marissa: Put down the xylophone. No seriously step away from the xylophone British people, your instrument privileges have been revoked. I am not sorry.

Michael: I’m into the frenetic, accordion-like keyboard action. Lots of moving parts headed in different directions here.

Jenn: God I love the British. Their music is the goddamn weirdest, usually. This is a bit overwhelming like being checked into a sanitarium in the 60’s. If you don’t know a sanitarium is what one used to call a looooney bin. And if you’re British a bin is a trashcan so yes, throw those crazy people (and this song) away.

3. “The Boom Boom Bap” by Scritti Politti from White Bread Black Beer

Marissa: It sounds like Phil Collins! I love Phil Collins. In fact I was just saying a few moments ago how much I love Phil Collins. Ah they just said “dolla, dolla bill”. I don’t think this is Phil Collins. Slow jamzzz

Michael:  I find the echo-effect on the vocals in this song unsettling, but I’m not entirely sure why.

Jenn: Something is going on with my brain in that every song sounds like a song from the 90’s. Are these songs all from the 90’s or am I unable to leave the 90’s??? I also can’t stand whisper-singing like your song is a secret I’m dying to hear. I’m picturing a gender neutral person singing this song in a black & white video. I’m also picturing Madonna being their biggest fan. It gets better, thank God but only at the chorus. I give the lyrics a 10 out of 10 because of “kitty come-come.” I can only assume this is a song about someone’s lost cat and you know I’m an animal lover. Find that damn cat.

4. “Good Morning” by The Beatles from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


Marissa: All good songs start with cock. Can I write that? Probably not. I need to make this my alarm song, it seems like it would be way more effective than that incessant beeping IPhone default alarm I use. Although I will still probably end up hating it. Does anyone not hate their alarm?

Michael: Ah… the sweet sound of some classic Beatles. The horns in this song are pretty unique; they stand in interesting contrast to the unconventional scales used in the guitar fills. But really, what’s the deal with all the animal noises at the end?

Jenn: I mean The Beatles. What era is this song, weird LSD-doing trips to India Beatles? I’d wake up to this song, anytime.

5. “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke from Ain’t That Good News


Marissa: I love this. No seriously. It sounds like the song I will play at my future wedding while doing a father/daughter dance. Or maybe this artist will be performing it live? Unless he’s already dead. #OldSongProblems

Michael: Damn, it’s killing me that I can’t think of who this is. The singer’s voice sounds a little bit like Smokey Robinson, but this song sounds like it’s before his time. This type of Motown-esque, soulful sound was a nightly staple at my family dinner table growing up.

Jenn: Love this song. Love Sam Cooke. I want to take a long drive somewhere while listening to this song, preferably during the summer so I can roll the windows down and stick one arm out to catch the breeze. This also works for nighttime star-gazing and general feelings of hope about one’s life.

6. “The Haunted Man” by Bat For Lashes from The Haunted Man

Marissa: This is chill. Actually this would be an amazing song to ski to, the vocals, drums, everything. It’s really quite good.

Michael: This is Churches, right? I’ve always had a hard time getting into them, but this more laid-back track is kinda cool. The slow build works well, for sure.

Jenn: This lady loves Annie Lennox. I can almost guarantee it. It sounds vaguely like Florence and the Machine. Is it? Not sure what genre that is, EmpowerCore or maybe Post Fleetwood Mac Wave. Oh oh, stop the presses…marching drums. I’m a sucker for a good marching drum. Damn it. Now I’m on board whether I want to be or not. No going AWOL from this song. I’m in it to win it. Also I have more military puns in my arsenal.