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Where we have the interns blindly comment on 6 songs in a row that come up on BYT office iPod playlist shuffle.

Ana age 19
Mykalee age 22
Michael age 22
Ruby age 19

1. “Fairies Wear Boots” by Black Sabbath from Paranoid


Ana: I loved the intro, so I was a little scared when he started singing that the vocals would ruin it by being something unexpected (I’m not a huge fan of surprises). I was happy to find that they weren’t. If this song were a food, it would be comfort food.

Mykalee: To be frank, I would never listen to this. Not my style.

Michael: This progressive jam sounds like some classic Black Sabbath. If Tony Iommi’s signature distortion doesn’t give it away, Ozzy’s sultry wails definitely do. I dig the key changes and shifts in time-signatures in this song… they keep you on your toes.

Ruby: What my mid-20s brother, a proud Seattle resident, would listen to in his studio. Probably while drinking a black coffee or whatever it is they do in Seattle.

2. “Dexter/Autoconform” by Ricardo Villalobos/Truffle Club mixed by Optimo from How To Kill The DJ [Part 2]

Can’t find the actual (AMAZING) DJ mix online, but here is the original Ricardo Villalobos track at least:

Ana: I tend to judge songs by whether or not I could dance to them. I could do an interpretive dance of this one? Maybe?

Mykalee: NOPE, NOPE, NOPE and NOPE.

Michael: Woah. These wobbly electric sounds are in a category of their own. The djembe drums create a cool contrast agains the sporadic sampled outbursts. I’ve never heard anything quite like this (except maybe in the middle of a live DJ set), but I have to admit that I’m into it.

Ruby: Good background music for working, in part because of the lack of vocals. It sounds like just a mash-up of slightly random sounds.

3. “Listen To My Heart” by Ramones from Ramones

Ana: Did the music player get stuck on repeat? I kept waiting for this song to go somewhere, but it didn’t. Then again, I guess we can’t all be the star of the show – some songs are just meant to be background music.

Mykalee: Not feeling it.

Michael: I feel sorry for anyone who never managed to get into the Ramones. There’s something tender and sweet about the rebellion their music advocates.

Ruby: Montage music for teenagers in the 90s, dressed in leather jackets, smoking cigarettes in alleys and walking down shady, graffiti stairwells under bars. Way cooler than what I do.

4. “Force Ten [Live]” by Rush from A Show Of Hands


Ana: A little more electric than I usually like, but still a good enough song for me to enjoy listening to. Nothing to get me too excited though. Maybe my tastes are just way too specific.

Mykalee: Not feeling it again. It’s like background music.

Michael: It took me a while to get into Rush’s vocals, but after struggling to learn how to play “Tom Sawyer” on guitar as a preteen I came to really respect their musicianship. I love the guitar solo’s almost excessive whammy-bar use… classic prog, man!

Ruby: Honestly sounds like the music my middle-aged neighbor plays loudly. What this means, I do not know.

5. “Open (Jeff Samuel Faded Mix)” by Rhye, original track from Woman

Ana: Perhaps I would enjoy this song better if I was faded? (I think that’s what she’s saying, but I can’t be sure. I mean she only repeated it in every line of this song). [Later] Oh my goodness will this song ever end?

Mykalee: I like the beat. I can see this being a great song to travel to.

Michael: This sounds a little like Caribou, especially the use of traditional instruments to create a danceable house beat. I’m not entirely sure who this is, but I’ve definitely heard it before… probably at the club. This is the kind of music I like to get work done to; something about the beat drives me along and keeps me on task.

Ruby: The type of song I would hear being played in the background at an apartment kick-it that my friends are hosting, with possibly illegal activities going on, and plenty of “faded” partygoers.

6. “You Make Me Feel (Bobby Viteriti Re-Mix)” by Sylvester from Discolette Compilation

Again, couldn’t find this specific remix to stream (the whole comp is great though BTW), but here is the original:

Ana: This song got a lot better once he started really singing. A LOT better – my opinion of it completely changed. I think the previous song just put me in a bad mood and so I couldn’t really enjoy the introduction to this one.

Mykalee: Hot damn, I feel like Diana ready to get my groove on at Studio 51. Hot pink boa on my shoulders.

Michael: Disco makes its transition into the modern era with this medley. It’s totally cheesy, but I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t get down to it. It’s interesting going back and listening to music like this since it seems to be making such a huge comeback with the rising popularity of disco-influenced deep house music.

Ruby: I am getting a disco-esque vibe. Makes me want to put back on the white platform boots I wore for halloween when I was 13 and decided that disco music was where it really is at.