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After many years of not working out because gyms are expensive and my neighborhood has shitty sidewalks, I’m regularly going to the gym. Every Sunday night I pull up my calendar and manually schedule at least three hours of gym time throughout the week because I guess I’m an old person now. At first, I tried to get back into my old biking routine (I used to be an avid biker when I lived in the suburbs) of just listening to music. I would put on Run The Jewels. I would make fun little playlists. It didn’t work.

When you’re biking outside there is so much to see and pay attention to. There are trees and wildlife and giant metal cars that actively want to hit you. There are friends and neighbors who wave and shout words of encouragement. There are dogs to stop and pet. None of these things exist in my basement gym. There’s not even a window I can look out of and I get anxious about letting my mind wander and staring into space because I don’t want someone to think I’m a creep who’s watching them weight lift.

So I’ve started watching TV. At first it was The Office, but I quickly burned through the good seasons and had to stop when things got weird and sad. So then I moved on to Curious and Unusual Deaths, which is perfect when it comes to length. The short 20 minute episodes mean I’m almost never going to get bored, but goddamn the narrator is annoying.

A couple of weeks ago Netflix added a second season of The Great British Bake Off and holy shit is it the best show to watch while working out. The episodes are long, but varied enough to keep me interested. It’s fun and carefree and doesn’t stress me out. I’m learning things about baking and there is just enough just enough drama to motivate me to work out more so I can watch more episodes. I’ve never been a big pastry person. When it comes to desserts usually all I want is a big bowl of ice cream, so I’m never actually tempted to stop by 711 and grab a bunch of cookies and candy afterwards. It’s the perfect gym show.

The problem is I’m more than halfway through the season. In a week or two, there won’t be any more Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood for me to watch. Which is why I need your help. What shows do you work out to? What shows should I work out to? You’re my only hope. Please leave me suggestions in the comments.