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Twerk or Treat is this Saturday. We’ve given you some pretty great ‘slutty’ costume ideas. Now it’s time for some costume idea you should just avoid. Heed our advice. You do have to travel to and from the party and some of these costumes may get you in trouble outside of a party setting.

If your Halloween costume is one of these things, throw it away.

1. Blackface



Please do not do this. Just because it’s plastic, doesn’t mean it’s not blackface. And if you don’t know why you shouldn’t be wearing blackface, just don’t come at all.

2. Sexy French Fries

sexy fried

Definitely don’t go as sexy french fries. It’s lazy and it’s sad. And don’t try to get your friends to dress up as a sexy hamburger and sexy soda and go as a sexy Happy Meal. I’m gagging already.

3. A How I Met Your Mother-esque hanging chad costume.

himym hanging chad

Especially if you’ve worn it 5 years in a row and the reference is completely outdated. In fact, anything with an outdated reference or anything that’s really large and boxy is just annoying in so many ways. Don’t do it.

4. Sexy Hulk Hogan

sexy hulk

Hulk Hogan is probably one of the least sexy men in the world, and you’re trying to turn it into a sexy costume? I don’t think so.

5. Jim Halpert from The Office 
the office costume
Or anything a la Jim Halpert from The Office that requires minimal effort. Come on people, it’s one day out of the year. A little creativity never hurt anyone.
6. Sexy Barney
sexy barney
A Barney costume is not meant to be sexy. Barney is a symbol of pure childhood innocence, not sex. It’s just wrong, and a little scary. Plus any version of a costume that a 5-year-old could also be wearing is off limits.
7. Sexy Breaking Bad
This is just weird. And if you wear the gas mask, I’m pretty sure you will give me nightmares. Meth not included.
8. Sexy Mexy
sexy mexy
Avoid costumes that have racial slurs in the title. It’s not a good look for anyone.
9. Anna Rexia
I don’t want to sound like your mother but you are absolutely not allowed to go as anorexia for Halloween. I don’t want to hear it. Go to your room.
10. Sexy Osama Bin Laden
Just stop.