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We have our What’s In Your Fridge feature and our Drink Diary feature. The next logical step is finding out what D.C.’s finest chefs eat on a typical day. There’s no better way to begin the series than with José Andrés.

The man behind the Think Food Group, some of our favorite D.C. (and one close-to-D.C.) restaurants, and best food/charity event of the year (Dine-N-Dash, coming back June 7, get tickets now, it’s the easiest way to eat the way Andrés eats), has a lot on his plate, both figuratively and literally. With his office based in Penn Quarter, he’s able to visit multiple restaurants on one block and develop dishes for restaurants across the country. Unlike our Drink Diary writers, we think we could happily eat the way Andrés eats. Here’s what the chef eats on a typical day.

Wake up

Cappuccino and fresh fruit juice at home (grapefruit or OJ). “I put a couple of Kishu mandarin oranges into my bag for a snack for later. They come from the Tangerine Man in Ojai, California – they are so juicy and sweet, and are packaged in their own natural wrapping!”

Head down to the Home office

“We have a test kitchen in our office where my team of chefs is constantly working on new dishes for our restaurants. At the same time we may have chefs working on a new dessert for Jaleo, a lobster dish for Fish at the MGM National Harbor, and a salad for my new Bazaar opening up in New York. This was a recent dish we created for minibar, highlighting the peak of persimmon season – we added caviar and let me tell you, it was an incredible bite!”

“I drink coffee when I am in the office – usually with a splash of cream and a spoonful of sugar, or sometimes I will go out for a macchiato at Pitango in Penn Quarter.”

“I love to be able to visit so many of my restaurants in one afternoon in Penn Quarter. I may stop by Oyamel for a quick salt air margarita, and will have a small snack of guacamole with our tortillas – they are made with masa that we grind daily in the kitchen, it is really a cool process.”

“I also love to visit China Chilcano to have some of my favorite siu mai from our dim sum menu– the skin is light and delicate, and the filling is so juicy! We make them by hand, every single one — if you ask me, they are the best siu mai in the world.”

“I then will go to visit minibar and barmini – I cannot tell you what we’re working on but I can assure you it will be amazing!”

Home for dinner

José + Tichi make dinner and eat with the girls: leek soup, crusty bread, cheese, olives. “We are always eating vegetables at home, my girls love helping my wife and I cook them, and more importantly, they love eating them!”

A new omelet experiment for dessert. “I have been developing a sweet omelet for dessert, you might never expect it but it so delicious. I actually invented it while shooting a video one day – I was just inspired to do something a little different, and it turned out to be amazing!”