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Do you ever sit around your home, with your great small (big, huge?) business idea (or actual business) and think to yourself:
all I need to REALLY get this off the ground is a work space? A work space to call my own, and me and this idea would be FLYING.
Trust us, we at BYT can relate. That is how it all started for us as well, after all.
Which is WHY we’re super excited to share today that we are partnering with WeWork, an awesome co-working, internationally beloved company and their newest DC location (at the old Wonderbread factory) to give one lucky DC budding entrepreneur this:
  • a dedicated desk at the WeWork Wonder Bread location, with all added member benefits, free for 6-months. AMENITIES!
  • a AT WORK WITH feature showcasing what you do and can do on BYT (check out how sweet that can turn out). MARKETING!
  • and some useful mentorship support with our judging panel along the way.


Want more details?

In terms of amenities, WeWork provides everything you need and more, such as super fast internet, access to conference rooms, unlimited coffee, tea, and beer. Most importantly, they provide you access to a collaborative workspace that brings together entrepreneurs and start-ups from every industry.  As a member you have access to exclusive benefits such as affordable health care plans, credit card processing, Zipcar deals, and access to discounted services from other members in the community.


ok! so-what do you need to do to win?

  • Put your idea to paper. We don’t need to see your business plan, just up to 500 words of solid, creative thinking.
  • Email your idea entitled “WeWork + BYT Sweepstakes + your business name” to [email protected]
  • Images are encouraged, but please be aware of sizes etc.
  • Make sure you do it all before April 4th
  • Share your #excitement on social media (@BYT @WeWork #WeWorkBYTDC)
  • Sit back, relax, make some vodooo dolls of other contestants and wait for a party in April when we will announce the winner.
  • If you would like to schedule a tour to see what magic WeWork can do for you-CLICK HERE

OK-what are you waiting for -get to working on this: