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This week an exclusive first look at something on 9th, cupcakes and final look at those that left us this summer.

Breaking News – Exclusive to BYT A new place is set to open in a part of town we all know very well, by a group pf people we also know very well and who have been kind enough to give BYT the very first look.

Brought to us by Phil Rodriguez and Joey Belcher, of Sticky Rice on H Street, and Mick Mier and Joe Steger the design team responsible for Science Club, Napoleon and Sesto Senso, 1905 will offer French-inspired bistro fare. They hope 1905 will be a cozy addition to the neighborhood. The kind of place you want to eat, hang out, drink some wine, then come back the next night and do it again.

There’s no details on menu yet, but I was told to think beignets. Mmmmm, beignets.

When asked what he wanted to add to the neighborhood, Rodriguez said with a straight face, “sexy.” He’s been kind enough to give us the very first photo of 1905, a place I plan on spending most of my waking hours. Hopefully this isn’t the view I’ll have all the time.

1905 (1905 9th Street) will open in mid-September.

ZOMG – More cupcakes! So Hello Cupcake opened up this week, have you been yet? Washingtonian staked the place out taking loads of pictures. They offer 14-15 cupcakes a day. One vegan, one gluten-free and one seasonal. Apparently the root beer float cupcake is the way to go, complete with little straw in the frosting. Why don’t some of you go check it out at lunch and give a full report. For some reason cupcakes are far more exciting to me than frozen yogurt.

RIP – Last week I thought that it seemed more places were opening than closing. Amanda at Metrocurean gives an end of summer look at everything that closed. A moment of silence for Butterfield 9, Colorado Kitchen, Curry Club, Gerard Pangaud Bistro, L’Oustalet, M’Dawg Haute Dogs Meridian, Merkado, Montsouris, Restaurant K and San Marco.