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This week we have a few more openings, Restaurant Week has some extensions and some places have decided to just go on vacation.

Some places are around forever and some spots are just cursed. Hopefully Pi (2309 18th St) can change the luck of its location and bring a decent and reasonably sized pizza to the streets of Adams-Morgan. Pi will offer wine, craft beers, pizza and Italian desserts.

The owners of JR’s, Cobalt and 30 Degrees are opening a new place on 17th called Level One in the old Food Bar. Apparently it is in soft-opening mode right now with just an open patio. The food features “build your own” items and 21 martinis. Heyyyyy!


Still haven’t participated in Restaurant Week? Several places have extended their dates and DC Foodies and Washingtonian are keeping tabs. Farrah Olivia wins for their commitment through Sept. 22.

Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one at work, and it doesn’t help when even the restaurants are packing up. But I guess everyone needs a vacation. Zagat’s has a list of places that are closed right now.

















Keep your eyes open to this space, we’ll be bringing you some new restaurant news and a very cool interview.