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  • Best news I’ve heard all week: You can now order Central’s signature fried chicken to go in a KFC-inspired bucket with mashed potatoes and housemade Dijon dipping sauce for $29.95. Included is three thighs, three breasts and 10 nuggets. Perfect for sharing, or in my case, eating alone in bed with a glass of chocolate milk and a City of Angels DVD. (Metrocurean)

  • Express Night Out has put together a list of local restaurants that have put their own spin on the classic mac & cheese. Featured are the mac and cheese crepes at Crepe Amour and spaetzle “mac-n-cheese” with duck confit at Blue Duck Tavern.
  • Fat Tuesday is a week away, and while I’ll be getting my stomach pumped after a spending night on Bourbon St, area Cajun restaurants are will begin their seasonal celebrations. Attend a day-long crawfish boil at The Cajun Experience then head over to Acadiana to dine on New Orleans inspired street food, like house-made cracklin, popcorn shrimp and frog legs. Ok, maybe not the frog legs.

  • Who’s got the best Vietnamese sandwiches in DC? Chefs from Proof, PS 7’s, Lyon Hall, Ba Bay, The Source, and Dino will compete as part of the Banh Mi Throwdown on Monday, March 14, at Ba Bay on Capitol Hill. Judging the competition will be Amanda McClements of Metrocurean, chef R.J. Cooper of the forth coming Rogue 24, and The Washington Post‘s Tim Carman.

  • Queen Vic is opening soon on H St NE and you can find a sneak peek of their sample menu on Prince of Petworth. Menu items include fried oysters, steak & ale pie, and a bacon salad (blasphemy!). “In addition there will be about 4 daily specials, which is where the FUN stuff will be, things like beef heart, deviled kidneys, braised tongue, sweetbreads and a whole host of other items will reside.” Cause nothing says ‘fun’ like braised tongue and beef heart.


Because America loves freedom:

  • How to party like a total freaking rock star from Mars: drink The Charlie Sheen. Inspired by the one-man demolition team himself, this drink, served at Ninth Ward in New York City, may lack any illicit substances but makes up for it with a liberal pour of Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine.

  • An ice cream shop in London recently began selling breast milk ice cream, aptly named Baby Gaga. The flavored with vanilla and lemon zest sold for about $22.50 per serving. Store founder Matt O’Connor says, “It’s pure, it’s natural, it’s organic, and it’s free range — and if it’s good enough for our kids, it’s good enough to use in our ice cream.” He also forgot to mention that it’s really fucking weird.