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  • DC’s first Grey Farmers Market kicked off on Sunday at Kushi Izakaya & Sushi. The 11 vendors were selling everything from bread pudding, to pickled fruits and vegetables, to various cuts of meat. If you missed it, not to worry; the Grey Market will return in June and September. (Young & Hungry)

  • Sticky Fingers to Appear on Food Network: The D.C.-based vegan bakery will compete against Los Angeles’ C’est La V Bakeshop in Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, scheduled to air March 8. (PoPville)

  • Zagat rounds up the 10 Worst Restaurant Logos. Guess which DC restauranteur makes the list TWICE? Clue: He’s the asshole glued to a fedora.
  • Free food alert! The grand opening of The Brown Bag’s newest location at 1625 Eye St. NW was postponed  due to last week’s snow storm. However, the celebration will go on tomorrow from 7:30 to 10 a.m. with free pastries, muffins, and coffee. (TBD)

And now for the ROUND-UP…

  • The Super Bowl is on Sunday! And just like every year, I won’t be watching it. However, the Super Bowl means snacks! So you could get all the usual stuff (chips and guacamole, pretzels, chex mix…) OR you can combine everything in your pantry to create an entire Edible Stadium! You’ll also need beer. Good thing Walgreens is selling their own PBR-esque private label beer for $2.99 per six-pack. That’s under fifty cents a can! *CHEST BUMP (Young & Hungry)

  • Behold, the 10 Hottest Men and 10 Hottest Women in the food industry as brought to you by Slashfood. Anthony Bourdain is obviously the man of my dreams and Giada De Laurentiis is a shoo-in, but Gordon Ramsay? Really? Acckk. (That was the sound of me choking on his hair plugs.)
  • “Imagine a restaurant where, instead of sitting at a table, you walk around. Instead of eating food, you’re breathing it in as you walk from room to room, each with a different flavour. Celery in one. Steak in another. Then pate.’ A restaurant with food you don’t eat, but INHALE. ‘Whaffing,’ according to Harvard professor, David Edwards, is the future of eating; a future that no one but anorexics are looking forward to. Thanks Professor, but I’ll stick to the old-fashioned way.

  • After the life-altering debut of DiGiorno’s Pizza & Cookies/Wyngz last week, BuzzFeed was inspired to create a list of 15 WTF Frozen Foods. Pickle pops, frozen sushi, and microwavable pork rinds are just some that were weird enough to make the list. Too bad most of these are sold in foreign countries, cause Obama never looked so good.

  • “Lady Gaga made headlines for her meat dress at the MTV Awards. But she’s not the only one showing off food as fashion.” There’s been a wave of interest in clothing made out of food. “Recent images in everything from art to advertisements are featuring octopus hats, waffle pants and fruit jewelry.” Waffle pants! Why didn’t I think of that? (WSJ)