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  • Endless Simmer has compiled a list of America’s Top 10 New Sandwiches, and none other than DC’s own Churchkey came in at the top spot with their New Luther sandwich (WHICH WE HAVE ALREADY DUTIFULLY HONORED IN OUR SILF COLUMN). But with a hunk of buttermilk fried chicken and applewood smoked bacon stuffed between a house-made brioche donut, it’s pretty easy to see why. I. Must. Have. This.

  • Check out Wolfgang Puck and Scott Drewno cooking just for us (well, and some other people, but still…)

  • DC’s Winter Restaurant Week officially ended this past Sunday, but some restaurants (like Co Co. Sala, Zaytinya, and Oyamel) are continuing to offer the same Restaurant Week promotions throughout this week. For the full list check out Winter Restaurant Week Keeps Going.
  • Washingtonian’s Best Bites Blog has unearthed that the secret recipe behind Justin Bittner’s buttermilk pie isn’t so secret after all… and on top of that it’s easy to make! I’ve eaten this enough to know that it is ahh-effin’-mazing and you definitely have to give it a try: Bar Pilar’s Buttermilk Pie Recipe.

  • We Love DC has posted a list of this year’s restaurant openings, and there is a LOT to look forward to… so much so, it had to be split into two parts: Part 1, featuring Toki Underground, Jack Rose, and the new Mandu, along with Part 2, that’s got places like Fiola, Elisir, and Rogue24. 2011 is gonna be a great year to eat in DC!

  • Speaking of restaurants to look forward to… This past week, Tim Carman caught up with Mike Isabella to discuss his forthcoming debut restaurant, Graffiato, which Isabella says will have the feel of an Italian restaurant, but won’t be serving any Italian food. I don’t really know what that means, but the minute I read “pasta station,” I was sold.  (WaPo)
  • People lost their shit when The Black Squirrel had some of this beer on hand last year, so I figured some of you might be pleased to find this out: New Belgium Brewing, maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale, has announced plans to expand to Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC by the end of this year. (DC Beer)

Time for the ROUND-UP!

  • Life after Public Enemy: Flavor Flav is opening fried chicken restaurant, the first of what he hopes will be “hundreds” of Flav’s Fried Chicken locations. He told reporters, “I want to be known as up in my spot. Active…You’re going to catch me in there, seasoning up my chicken, flouring up my chicken, frying up my chicken.” The last place I would EVER want Flavor Flav is “up in my chicken,” but you’d be surprised to learn that he actually graduated from culinary school and has cooked in several restaurants. Huh.

  • Welcome to the future part 23920: mega coffee chain Starbucks has introduced their own Mobile Card app (for iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry, but not Android) that allows you to pay for your coffee via smart phone.
  • I must’ve been napping while 2.5 million people were watching this, but apparently “Epic Meal Time” is a YouTube sensation. Episodes of this online cooking show feature massive bacon-laden dishes like breakfast fortresses and meat gingerbread houses. Also boozed up cuisine like Four Loko chili and chocolate chip bacon beer waffles with Jack Daniels syrup. Check out this interview where Eater talks to host, Harvey Morenstein. Umm I know you’re like a REALLY hungry, bro’ed-out Canadian Dane Cook on steroids, but will you marry me?

  • Alabama law firm Beasley Allen has filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell claiming the chain is falsely calling its taco filling “seasoned beef” and “seasoned ground beef” when allegedly the mixture only contains 36% beef. Aaaand this is surprising how? Don’t know about you, but I like my burritos 64% mysterious.