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  • Don’t feel like cooking on Christmas? Here’s a list of restaurants in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. that are open on Christmas day. (TBD)

and now for the Round-Up…

  • When I hear about terrorist plans to destroy the Earth, I’m usually not too concerned. That is, until now… CBS news reported Monday about A Terrorist Plot to Poison Buffets and Salad Bars. You don’t have to tell me twice to steer clear of the salad bar, but buffets? I don’t stand a chance.

  • Word Lens iPhone App Magically Translates Menus and Signs – “They only have English and Spanish available now, but we don’t see why it wouldn’t eventually have a multitude of languages. Can you imagine being able to go to any restaurant, whether in a Chinatown in the states or halfway around the world, and order knowledgeably off the menu?” (Eater)

  • From Eiffel Towers to Taj Mahals, there was a pretty impressive showing at the Gingerbread Wonderland contest this month in New Jersey. But the one that really warmed everyone’s hearts was the Gingerbread House for Hoarders with its “messy little stacks of gingerbread books and gingerbread trash.” Awww! Cause nothing says “Happy Holidays” like obsessive compulsive disorder! (Slashfood)