Weekly BYT Guide To DVD Releases / On Demand / Instant Netflixing
stephanie | Jan 2, 2013 | 12:30PM |

Ok, you guys–since we know how important at-home-entertainment is for all of us – every Tuesday we’re going to do a little “what’s getting released on DVD/on demand/Netflix this week” round up for you, with nice little excerpts of our past reviews and more. You’ll love it. Trust us. Now–all you need is someone to watch these movies with.


  • Little Birds:
    “Temple is excellent in the lead role, but there’s nowhere for her character to go; if she’s meant to be significantly changed by the horrors she witnesses and participates in while hanging out with Jesse’s gang of miscreants, the movie doesn’t succeed in being convincing about it. Despair may be an emotion of emptiness, of the absence of hope, but that doesn’t mean a movie about someone spiraling down into that emotion has to feel so empty as wel.”
    Ian Buckwalter, NPR


  • Cosmopolis – here’s what we said in our original review:
    “In the end, Cosmopolis suffers from a lack of focus – film is perhaps the wrong medium for these themes and concepts.  That said, Cronenberg gets the best from every frame and every horse in his stable; the actors generally manage to hold serve, and the film stands on its own as a two-hour master class in cinematography. If a cogent, single-serving critique of the very fundament of our system/egos is inherently Sisyphean, Cosomopolis gets the rock admirably up the hill.”


  • Looper – here’s what we said in our original review:
    “In Looper’s telling, time travel’s paradoxes also create the opportunity to learn empathy and decency, and to shift the world’s course by a final climactic choice that carries genuine power. Despite my complaints and its dark and violent content, Looper is one of the most original and exciting films I’ve seen this year. You should definitely check it out.”


  • Bernie – here’s what we said in our original review:
    “Jack Black plays Bernie wonderfully: he’s an effeminate dandy with an unquenchable drive to make others happy. His trademark jolly twinkle — the glimmer of delightful miscreant affability — is mostly steady throughout the movie. It’s odd: Jack Black does so well as a strong comic character, but because Bernie is a murderer it may be hard for some to see him as a protagonist that they can sympathize with on deep levels. In that sense, it’s much more comfortable to see Bernie as a dark comedy, so sit back and enjoy the liberties of pseudo-documentary fiction.”
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – Not that any of us are in need of more timesuckers, but if you’re looking for a series to fall in love with for the first time or you’re a Trekkie with a soft spot for the franchise in the late ’80s/early ’90s, all of “Next Generation” is now on Netflix!!!!11!!1! (I personally have a soft spot for Patrick Stewart in just about anything, so there you go.) Plus, it’s great material to keep you busy until May when J.J. Abrams’s “Into Darkness” finally releases. Boldly go in sweatpants: