Weekly BYT Guide To DVD Releases / On Demand / Instant Netflixing
stephanie | Nov 20, 2012 | 1:30PM |

Ok, you guys–since we know how important at-home-entertainment is for all of us – every Tuesday we’re going to do a little “what’s getting released on DVD/on demand/Netflix this week” round up for you, with nice little excerpts of our past reviews and more. You’ll love it. Trust us. Now–all you need is someone to watch these movies with.



  • “Bringing Up Bobby” 
    “Working a variety of bad accents and the wardrobe of a 1930s moll, Milla Jovovich takes a break from fighting zombies in the “Resident Evil” franchise to play Olive, a Ukrainian-born single mother who lives for two things: conning and her 10-year-old son, Bobby (Spencer List). When not drooling over her bratty offspring — who helps zip up her unmentionables — Olive can be found stealing indiscriminately, even fleecing a church group to finance a nonexistent ministry. Things fall apart when Olive’s past lands her in an orange jumpsuit, and an implausible plot places Bobby in the care of an affluent businessman (a mortified Bill Pullman) and his depressed wife (a limp Marcia Cross). At this point “Bringing Up Bobby,” written and directed by Famke Janssen, becomes the con, trying to convince us that the post-pokey Olive is now a touchingly altered woman, her conniving character erased by a toilet-cleaning job and a scraped-back hairstyle.”
    -Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times


  • The Expendables 2
    “More fun and somewhat more coherent than its Sylvester Stallone-directed predecessor, “The Expendables 2’’ serves up a planeload of thickly sliced, well-aged beef and ham amid lots of stuff getting blown up. It’s hard not to like a movie in which Bruce Willis’ toupee-less CIA agent accuses Stallone’s ragtag band of mercenaries of engaging in ‘male pattern badness.’'”
    -Lou Lumenick, The New York Post


  • Led Zeppelin doc “Celebration Day”
    “From the slow-burning show opener of “Good Times, Bad Times,” to the rousing second-encore crowd-pleaser “Rock and Roll,” the band rolls back the 27 years since their last headlining gig. Their career had been cut short by the 1980 alcohol poisoning death of John Bonham … Celebration Day, available soon on DVD following this brief theatrical run, provides the farewell that fans had been hoping for since Led Zep loyally disbanded following Bonham’s death.”
    -Peter Howell, The Star


  • Lunopolis
    Combining the homemade-SciFi feel of “Primer” with the crazy-conspiracy-theory levels of “The X Files” and the cinematography of a shaky-cam documentary, “Lunopolis” is a fictional trip down a Science Fiction rabbit hole where time travel is more than possible–moreover, it’s already happened and a colony of moon-dwelling humans from the future are walking among us. Its thrilling, suspenseful moments more than outweigh the corniness of some script set-ups and, perfect for all you Mayan prophecy fans out there, it is set during the weeks preceding the predicted end of the world. (Just a few alleged weeks away from now, for all of you keeping score at home.)