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In which we ask BYT writers to tell us what they’re listening to in order to get mentally prepped for the weekend. This is what they came up with this week.

P.S. Only dudes responded to our weekly email call. SO-ALL DUDE JAMS. WITH FEELING.


Jeb Gavin

Mark Ronson – Feel Right ft. Mystikal

I know the hit is “Uptown Funk” and I don’t care. I’ve always enjoyed Mark Ronson’s albums- never loved or fawned over them, but he makes good, solid music aping sources I recognize and like. When “Uptown Funk” came out my first thought was, “FINALLY, Morris Day got the Time back together.” Turns out it was Bruno Mars Bruno Marsing it up (I don’t dislike the guy, in fact I like most of his music, but nothing sounds authentic. It’s Bruno Mars imitates Stevie, or young MJ, or in this case the bad guy from Purple Rain. I’ve yet to hear who Bruno Mars is.) Anyhow, “Feel Alright” precedes “Uptown Funk” on the album (and was technically the first single,) and for good reason. It’s about damn time Mystikal came back, and Mystikal doing a James Brown/Cassius Clay: I Am the Greatest impression is a hell of a lot more fascinating than Bruno Mars doing a Morris Day impression.

Phil Runco

Matthew E. White: “Rock & Roll Is Cold”

I do like to talk shit.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: “Multi-Love”

Ruban Nielson went full Supertramp. Always go full Supertramp.

Fred Thomas: “Bad Blood”

Fred Thomas autopost.

Alex Tebeleff:

Lower Dens – To Die In LA

Pop doesn’t get much more beautiful than this.
Alan Zilberman

Makthaverskan – “Antabus”

Swedish bands tend to do it better – maybe they have more time to practice with all the dark, cold weather – and there’s something irresistible about a vulnerable female voice singing “FUCK YOU!” over and over.

Rush – Animate

Rush recently announced a 40th anniversary tour. That’s a lot of music to cull a setlist from. I hope they choose this one.
Back in the late 80s they were getting a lot of flak from fans for getting too synth heavy and pop friendly, so they put out a series of more guitar driven back to basic rock albums, but uh oh spaghetti-o, they still sounded super wussy. They even had a rapping skeleton on one song, which sucked major Canadian maple dick.
Enough was enough and they released Counterparts in 1993. Supposedly guitarist Lifeson banned synths from even coming into the studio. The album starts off with Animate, a seriously heavy 6 min alternative rock monster. Probably for the first time in their career, Rush actually sounded hip. They landed at #2 on the charts after Pearl Jam’s Vs. Even the album art was classy. Rush had cool album art in the 90s!
Then they followed up with an album that has a song about modems. Sigh.

Tristan Lejeune
Interpol “Everything is Wrong”

The only song on Interpol’s latest that fully captures the funky slink of their early work, everything is right with three minutes and 33 seconds of (typically) obtuse lyrics and as many hooks as a tangled fisherman’s tackle-box. That bass line is so sharp it could cut up cocaine, and don’t look now but here comes the guitars that always agree on where to go, but not how to get there. “I think I know why, I say what I say / Inverse achievements, I rule the daze” Sure, fine.

Jose Lopez-Sanchez
Father John Misty – Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)

All the J. Tillman albums were great, but terribly depressing. Father John Misty, on the other hand, has a unique, tongue-in-cheek worldview, and it bleeds over to the music. Very excited for the release of I Love You, Honeybear, and this single is great.
Peter Heyneman:
War On Women is a hardcore band from Baltimore. If they wanted to they could sink every ironic 90s nu-metal cruise boat by weaponizing their fallopian tubes. They choose not to because they are pacifists. Part of me is glad that they chose non-violence over tantric murder, but part of me is disappointed because I would to see a maritime  revolution in my lifetime. Alas. Fallopian Tubes would also be a really great name for a hardcore band from Baltimore too. Anywhat, their album comes out next week, steal money from your Dad and buy it

Andrew Bucket
Robert Ashley- private parts pt 1
Perfect for this strange time of year when the sun is blinding and the wind  is biting. The piece strolls along in a heady, strange, and direct way.
Hedwig and the angry inch- wig in a box
I just got tickets to see John Cameron Mitchell play the titular role in Hedwig on Broadway. So I’m a lil bit buggin out.
Mattoid – party time
Do it.