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Weekend Ruiner is devoted to helping you find the saddest of movies, you know, to like, ruin your weekend or whatever. (We hope you have tissues.)

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend, you guys! I’m about to ruin it REAL GOOD with the suggestion that you watch Terms of Endearment on Netflix. If you’ve somehow managed to never see this movie from 1983, then chances are you’ve got a lot of tears to spare; it stars Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson, Jeff Daniels, etc., and it centers around the mother-daughter relationship between Aurora (MacLaine) and Emma (Winger). (It won five Academy Awards, and if there had been a category for Best Tear Jerker, it would have one that, too.)

There’s a lot of drama that happens in the film as it covers a huge chunk of time, but the main source of sobs undoubtedly results from Emma’s terminal cancer diagnosis. (If you’re looking for a solid power cry, then skip to the last ten minutes of the film and be sure to have an economy size box of tissues at the ready.) The fact that we know the outcome is going to inevitably result in Emma’s death makes it all the more agonizing to watch her family try to cope, and you will pretty much bawl for days.

Bottom line: moms can be stressful, and daughters can be pains in the ass, but watching a movie like this one on Mother’s Day Weekend will be a good reminder that our meaningful relationships are all limited-time-only deals, so we should make the most of them (even if those relationships don’t involve a mother figure). So finish crying and then call your mom (if you can) to say “HI I LOVE YOU SORRY FOR CRASHING THE CAR THAT ONE TIME AND BLAMING IT ON SOMEONE ELSE” or equivalent. (And I repeat: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND, OF COURSE.)