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The Internet is a weird place, but it used to be a much weirder one. We’re taking you back to the days when Angelfire URLs and Hot Mail accounts ruled the world. When every website had a suite of MIDI tunes and Microsoft Word Art graphics.

Welcome back to the golden age of the Internet.

Titanic Fan Club
I was in high school during the height of Titanic hysteria. It was an analog meme where in fans would competitively see the movie as many times as they could. Girls would call in to radio stations to brag they’d seen it: 17, 35, 102 times. The story of the Titanic bore out an allegory of every failed relationship- the immediate heat, the engendered divides of classism, the soggy sex in steerage- and ultimately a freezing cold demise. We were all Jack and Rose in some variation? I’d say we are all the iceberg, but hey I never saw it until 2007 in a bar on alphabet city with the sound off– and I still wept.

Heaven’s Gate Official Website

This perfectly preserved slice of Internet history gives you an inside look at the Heaven’s Gate cult. Featuring excerpts from their book and an “Exit Press Release” you can chart the entire existence of the Hale Bopp cult through its web pages. The only question that really remains is, who is paying the hosting fees?

Real World/Road Rules Links

These shows track the life of MTV perfectly. An alternative lifestyle social experiment that turned into a grotesque meat market spectacle. But hey- Puck was kinda cool. Wait was he? Probably not.

A Love Letter to Internet Explorer

The fire animation. The pentagram. The honestly not-too-terribly Photoshopped devil horns. Everything about this landing page is incredible. It’s a testament to what one man can do when he has enough time and hatred in his heart.

Space Jam 4Ever

Like cockroaches and Twinkies, this website will out live us all. Welcome to the Jam.