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D.C. has a poutine pop-up for the rest of this week. Air Canada thinks the best way to let you know Air Canada has non-stop destinations from DCA to Canada is with fries and gravy and cheese curds. They’re not wrong. We think other travel services should get into the temporary food scene. Here are a few of our suggestions.

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Doberge Cake pop-up by Southwest Airlines

This New Orleans cake could serve as a good reminder that you really like New Orleans and you should visit more often. Also, they’ll serve Hurricanes.

Why aren’t flights to New Orleans cheaper? Come on, Southwest.

Funeral Potatoes pop-up by Lufthansa

Sure, this dish is popular in Utah but we’re pitching it as a chance for Lufthansa to plug their flights to Romania, home of Transylvania, home of Dracula, who is most likely not a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the group that named the dish. Most people know it as a hash brown cassrole. The Mormons made it goth.

Loco Moco pop-up by Hawaiian Airlines

I had not heard of loco moco until working on this piece. Consisting of white rice, hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy, it sounds like the Hawaiian version of poutine, making it perfect for a pop-up. D.C. didn’t have poke options a few years again. D.C. has multiple poke options in 2018. Maybe it’s time for some unhealthy Hawaiian options. Related, there are no direct flights from BWI, DCA or IAD to Hawaii. Come on, Hawaiian Airlines. If Boston can have direct flights, why can’t we?

Snickers Salad pop-up by American Airlines

Iowa is America. Snickers is America. A Snickers salad, originating from that state that helps determine both major political parties’ presidential candidates, should be America’s dessert. It features Snickers and Granny Smith apples and more. Apples are America’s fruit! So American Airlines, offering direct flights from DCA, should sponsor the sugary, peanuty pop-up.

Toasted Ravioli pop-up by Hertz

There’s no great way to get from D.C. to St. Louis but we still want a toasted ravioli pop-up. Toasted ravioli is great and it’s not super popular outside St. Louis. That’s a shame. I guess rent a car and go to St. Louis?