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The Irwin family is returning to TV this Sunday, October 28th on Animal Planet – Crikey! It’s the Irwins is a reality TV show that aims to highlight the ways in which the family is carrying on Steve’s legacy at the Australian Zoo, and I was able to attend a premiere event last Friday where the family (fresh off a plane from London) was promoting the series IRL.

When the family made their spotlight debut, they were joined by a baby crocodile and a baby kangaroo. It was incredibly cute, and I smiled very largely. Handlers eventually came in to free up the Irwins to talk, and they set about answering press questions.

My red carpet compatriots asked the hard-hitting (yet expected) questions, but due to the show’s premiere falling closely to Halloween, I knew I needed to find out what the people of America really want to know, aka whether or not ghost animals are real. I do not think they were expecting to have to address this kind of query, but I figured if there were any three people on Earth who’d know the answer, it’d for sure be Robert, Bindi and Terri, so I went for it.

Before I reveal their answers, I’d just like to say that all three Irwins are THE MOST upbeat humans I have ever met. Maybe hanging out with animals (who are basically humans without all the bullshit) all day long has primed them to be maximally friendly in social situations, or maybe wearing so much khaki has untapped soothing effects, but MY GOD. Posi-vibes off the charts. I want to be their friend. (They also said “CRIKEY!” a lot throughout the evening, which I liked.)

And now, the Irwins (all very good sports) on whether or not ghost animals are real:

Robert: “Do I believe in ghost animals? That’s an interesting question. I don’t think I’ve really experienced any ghost animals before, but I am excited for Halloween; as you said, the show does premiere quite close to Halloween. The show does have some scary moments, but no, I’ve not met any ghost animals yet. I’ll let you know if anything changes.”

Terri: “I think ghost animals are a really interesting thing. A friend of mine is John Edward, who’s a psychic medium. Often when he reads people, someone who has passed will be with a family pet who has passed. So I think that all of us have energy as spiritual beings, and it doesn’t matter if you are religious or not – scientifically, you cannot extinguish or create energy. You can only change it. So for sure, I think your dog moves onto a better place, but I don’t think it’s a scary ghost thing. Good question.”

Bindi: “Do I believe in ghost animals? You know, I do, I do. I think everyone that we love, and every animal we love, they kind of live on forever. So yes, I do.”

That’s a broad spectrum of answers! Has your personal opinion on the existence of ghost animals changed based on these responses? Please let us know in the comments! Discourse is good! Watching Crikey! It’s the Irwins is also good, so tune in this Sunday on Animal Planet at 8pm ET!