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Kickstarting our triple threat series of interviews, for what will surely be the best triple bill top to bottom to find itself in the environs of the Black Cat this year (it’s been moved to the mainstage so get your tix as they seem to be going fast), Scotland’s answer to fresh faces and tunesmith magic, We Were Promised Jetpacks take the BYT grilling.

You can see them October 5th with Brakes and The Twilight Sad so keep those eyes peeled for interviews with those jokers as well.


Now we see what’s cooking with WWPJ (literally) via frontman Adam Thompson on their first real tour of the U.S.:

You are making your first extended tour through the US and have already embraced the likes of Salt Lake City and Boise – what’s the most “American” thing you have seen?

Me and drums Darren went to get a juicy wrap filled with chicken and things today in Arizona and there was a guy walking around with a gun attatched to his belt. I aint used to that.

What’s been the best meal so far on this tour? (please include beverages and dessert!)

Went to Hooters in LA. Nothing quite like 4 lads in Hooters. I got a grilled chicken burger with cheese with curly fries. I also got a strawberry margarita which cost more than my meal.

How many records do you think you will have to release before people stop asking about winning your high school battle of the bands?

We aren’t getting asked that much about it anymore – so I’ll say one more.

Are people ever surprised to see that you are a gaggle of fresh faced lads as opposed to someone along the lines of Glasvegas, given how advanced the compositions are?

Yeah. We look young for our age I think anyway. We are 22 and 21 but get asked our age quite a lot. I still can’t even come close to growing a beard.

You haven’t picked up the Brakes boys yet but what has been the worst part of touring with Twilight Sad (we won’t tell them – haha. Have you gotten too big for your britches and they have to ask the soundman to turn down your guitars?)

The worst part about touring with The Twilight Sad is when Andy gets drunk and just puts whoevers closest to him in a headlock and it can be quite sore. So even when I’ve had a drink I need to keep my wits about me. Apart from that its an absolute pleasure touring with them.

A lot of comparison’s have been made to indie bands, but to me your music is reaching for as big an audience as is possible and taps into an epic/anthemic side that rarely shows itself in indie circles. What influences are being clearly missed in your reviews?
I dont think we are reaching for as big an audience as possible. We are reaching for a bigger audience but not one as big as possible. I quite like our use of rhythm from all instruments. No-one seems to make the Dr Dre connection either which baffles me.
Which band member owns/loves the most embarrassing record and what is it?

I bought that Destinys Child album when it came out and I think I still have it. I was buying the first Gorrilaz album and I was young and buying it on my own in a shop. The checkout guy was like you can get another album for a couple quid with this Gorrilaz one and gave me a few options. I liked Bootylicious so I bought that. I think I’ve still got it. I’ll put it on next time I want to get riled up about my own personal space and right to independance and right to do what I want without no guy telling me what to do.

Are you managing to stay in school? What is everyone studying?

We finished school this summer. We had been looking forward to finishing as we knew we were doing this after. I was doing politics.

Myspace was a helping hand in developing your career early on as it has been for hundreds of bands the past few years – with it’s influence fading what do you think will be the most important outlet for a band starting tomorrow?

I have no idea about myspace fading or what’s important for bands. Bands should concentrate on being better bands.

Which band member owns the most embarrassing shirt – what’s on it?

Drummer Darren owns about 25 Superdry shirts and other shirts that are all checked and all disgustingsly similar.

Easier to get girls now that you are the blogosphere’s favorite sons? (Be honest!)
No, the opposite. We aren’t a very sexy band.
The vocals are delivered with a balls to the wall intensity – how are the pipes holding up between the touring and drinking? What’s the hardest part about touring the States?

They are doing suprisingly well. I can still talk. Some days I wake up and its sore but usually after a few cups of tea and honey and not talking much for a few hours it starts to feel better. I always put singing before drinking. If I feel well and the voice is good and the gig is done I’ll have a drink. If we were travelling in your average tour van I would say it would be the big drives between shows that was the worst thing about touring the states. But because we have a proper tour bus as there are 3 Fatcat bands that really isn’t a problem.

What is the core audience back home and how does that differ with who is coming out to your shows in the U.S.? (I am assuming back home might be more blue collar compared to anglophile college kids here but I could be wrong.)

I’m not sure if we’ve quite settled on a core audience back home. Its all new to us having people come to our rock concerts and its only really in glasgow and edinburgh where people show up in the UK. Its quite a mixed bag of friends, family and all sorts of people. In europe we seemed to get a lot of middle-aged folk which we were so happy about. Its great when people of a different generation can get into what we are doing. the states is pretty mixed to.

When do you think the kids will stop wearing these skinny jeans? I mean, it’s okay on the girls but…

I fucking hate skinny jeans. That might be because I’m too big to wear them but they get on my tits cause to me its not just a pair of jeans. Folk trying to be cool gets on my tits and I wish people with skinny jeans would pull them up so their arse isn’t hanging out.

What’s the very next thing you are going to eat?

No idea.

What’s the very next thing you are going to watch?

We have about 5 dvds on the bus and we’ve watched 4 of them. The Fog is the last one we’ve got so probably that.

What’s the very next thing you are going to listen to?

The Twilight Sad soundcheck.


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and keep your eyes peeled for the additional 2 interviews from the same bill because John Foster has made it his personal mission to make you fall in love with them all by the time this week ends