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February in DC is pretty goddamn miserable.

And while it may be a short month, thank God, it’s generally the worst month of the year. What if you could spend 5 of those 28 days on a ship cruising down to the Bahamas? But wait, that’s not all…what if you could party with Limp Bizkit, Buckcherry, Andrew WK, Filter AND MORE!?!?

If this ship’s a rockin’ you GOTTA come a knockin’! From February 2nd – February 6th you could be gettin’ ShipRocked with thousands of your new friends and a shit ton of amazing bands! Plus you’ll get all the usual good times a cruise has to offer (FOOD! GAMBLING! POOLS! HOT TUBS! DRANKS! MAYBE SOME SEX WHO KNOWS!).

All YOU have to do is fly yourself  and a friend (both of you over 21) down to Miami February 2nd in time to board the ship (it departs at 4 pm) plus pay a mere $225 in taxes/fees (per person). To recap: You pay a few hundred dollars for a PRICELESS ADVENTURE and 5 days of sun glorious sun.

To win, to score big, to make it all happen all you have to do is follow BYT’s Instagram account (@brightestyoungthings), take a picture of your WORST tattoo and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #BYTat. Do this NO LATER THAN January 14, 2015. WORST TATTOO WINS. GOOD LUCK!