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Washingtonian threw their Best Of party at “The Park” on 14th and K Tuesday night. Nothing like an open bar to attract swarms of yuppies. But seriously, they cut the open bar of at like 9.15 (the bartender swore to me it was 9, but I don’t believe her) and when I went back up to get a drink, they wanted to charge me 12 bucks! I mean, I guess I’m just not Park material or something, but puh-leaze.

Anyways, no one was dancing, which is surprising because they were playing Bon Jovi at one point, and I mean, Bon Jovi and drunk white people does tend to elicit revelry in my humble experience, but hey, I get surprised all the time. I don’t know if I missed some kind of award ceremony or something, but regardless, props to the Washingtonian for spicing up my Tuesday night.

08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-4 08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-5

08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-16 08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-10

08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-8 08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-6

08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-9 08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-1



08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-11 08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-20

08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-13 08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-14


08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-17 08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-27
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