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Night photo by Armando Gallardo, feature photo by Brandon Weight, Instagram photos by Svetlana Legetic (follow her at @SvetlanaBYT)

The earth shook a few years ago. The District of Columbia is not used to shaking. The Washington Monument is really not used to shaking. So the Washington Monument has been closed to the public since an August 2011 earthquake.


The Monument has gone through growing pains. It got braces. It got lit up. It may have signaled Satan. But that’s all in the past. The Washington Monument reopens to the public today at 1pm today after an opening ceremony with Al Roker and other people that aren’t on The Today Show. Regular tours of the Monument begin tomorrow but unless you have tickets, you’ll have to wait for more than a month to enter the structure. The next available tours are on Friday, June 20.

Our Svetlana Legetic is at the reopening because Al Roker is at the reopening. In addition to Mr. Roker, there’s a swag bag featuring a hat for the most American of tractors. And a View-Master.


And this guy doing yoga. He may be there just because he really loves to travel to the National Mall to do yoga at 10:30am on Monday morning.


There are also more flags than usual.


And there’s this guy.


And very happy people that are embracing the sun.