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Memorial Day is this weekend! Can you believe it? I can’t. Since there is not a ton we can do to celebrate traditionally (this sentence is getting older and older every time I type it), lets find some stuff we CAN get into: namely TV. Doesn’t a long weekend sound like a great time to start a new TV watching experience? Have some real time to dive in, get into it, etc.

Here are a few recommendations, for almost any mood, that maybe, just maybe, you have not seen yet (partially because something about them felt off-putting at first glance):

Dave – FX/ Hulu

Full confession: I almost didn’t watch this because, well, the poster made me not want to watch it. I love juvenile humor as much as the next person, but this felt a little… on the (penis joke) nose? However, a friend I know and trust URGED ME to see it and … seriously, it is SPECTACULAR. Dave Burd is the Woody Allen of our generation (for all the good reasons, not the shitty ones), and actually, a damn good rapper. The storylines are charming and absurdist at the same time and the cast has the kind of chemistry that comes along once in a blue moon (think: Atlanta, Master of None etc). Also, the final episode is potentially one of the best pieces of TV I have ever seen. Do it.

Bless This Mess – ABC / Hulu

The premise is as old (and as corny) as Green Acres: two city dwellers inherit a farm in rural Nebraska, move there, butt heads with the locals, hijinx ensure. BUT the two city dwellers are played by Lake Bell and Dax Shepard (both national treasures) and the supporting cast involves more national treasures such as Lennon Parham, David Koechner, Ed Begley Jr and Pam Grier, as well as FUTURE national treasure JT Neal as young Jacob, and while the show takes a min to warm FULLY up, the cast-wide chemistry AND Bell’s outfit choices all make it worth the wait. Plus, we are ALL considering moving to the countryside at this point, aren’t we? Watching this is a good way to evaluate some of those urges.

Wisting – Sundance Now

My love of murder mysteries is exceptionally well documented around these parts. (in fact, may we point your in the direction of our (very epic) Murder Mystery Streaming guide for your perusal beyond this list) and sometimes I feel a little burnt out on the genre, but this one is a fun one:  a body is discovered at a Christmas Tree farm in Scandinavia, only for it to have a potential connection to a serial killer the FBI has been trying to locate for the last 20 years. Next up, FBI arrives (led by the always delightful Carrie Ann Moss) and them and the small-town Norway police department set out to solve this mystery, OVER THE HOLIDAYS.

Evil – CBS All Access

As one of the original-run fans of The X Files, I’ve traditionally had a hard time with paranormal shows but in a deep time of quarantine crisis I decided to give Evil a chance and proceeded to zoom through the episodes at lighting speed. The story centers on a psychologist and a trainee priest (played by the incredibly, distractingly handsome Mike Colter) and the assorted cases/personal demons they tackle. The show is fun, but also SURPRISINGLY scary (a small child named Brenda, which appears in only one episode STILL haunts my dreams), and delightfully weird – especially keeping in mind that we are talking about network TV here. Give it a whirl:

The Good Fight – CBS All Access

While you are paying for CBS all access, you may as well dedicate yourself to the other Michelle and Robert King slick and sleek gem (with a solid 4 seasons of procedural fun and Christine Baranski outfits):


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