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Black Friday just passed and you spent all your money shopping and buying frivolous crap you don’t need? Well, here is a way to give back and make you feel less guilty: take home one of the following sweet cats, all of which are in dire need of a new home. Most of them have been at the shelter for a few months and are sick of their small cages! Read on to find out more about the cuties we are featuring this week. If you’re interested in making your life better, all of these lovely cats can be adopted at the Montgomery County Partners for Animal Well-Being.


This sweet little girl is just six pounds, perfect for curling up in your lap. She loves hugs, and will reward you with her purring. She is so small you can’t even use your tiny apartment as an excuse for not adopting her! She is still a young girl at age four.



This pretty lady has a gorgeous coat and a friendly personality. She is nearly nine years old, so she is a great match for someone looking for a more relaxed cat. She would love to get cozy with you this winter!



For a fun-loving guy with a soft, fuzzy coat, Chaz is your cat. He likes attention and will keep you entertained.



She may be raggedy, but after a spa day he will be as good as new. This long-haired lady is friendly and cute, and her sharp green eyes are the perfect contrast to her thick grey coat. She is around three years old and has been at the shelter for a few months, so she could really use a new home. In other words, she could really use your home!



At just a year old, this fella is a playful and fun-loving cat who would love to make your life more interesting. His fur is super soft and he’s great at snuggling. What else are you looking for?