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In preparation for our new leaders, we’ve come up with a short list of where you can find the best vodka in the District. Drink it in your cocktails, from a shot glass, or just like water. Either way, there is a vodka to suit every occasion.

Russia House Lounge

If you’re looking for vodka, trust Russia House Lounge to do it right. With a vodka list of about 200 brands, each one is categorized by country. Naturally, Russia has the longest list. Drink your way through happy hour with an infused vodka of the week or with the six shot Vodka Flight sampler.

Fun Fact: They’re the only bar or restaurant in D.C. serving our new leader’s signature vodka.

Mari Vanna

With old school Russian hospitality and 20 different infused vodkas made in house, Mari Vanna is for the adventurous vodka lover. The flavors range from vodka infused with cowberry, cucumber and dill, pumpkin, and more. It’s a vodka for every occasion.



Literally spice up your happy hour at Lincoln with creatively infused vodkas that have an extra kick to them. Here you’ll find cocktails made with cherry tomato-infused vodka and the cleverly named Do Not Use vodka infused with jalapeños, ghost chilies, and habaneros.

Farmers & Distillers

The newest member of the Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers family distills its own vodka from ingredients found here in D.C. The unique Founding Spirits vodka can be found in a variety of drinks on the menu, like the F&D Martini and North Dakota Sour. Everyone likes vodka from red states.

Farmers and Distillers-37

District Distilling Co.

At the first combined distillery, kitchen, and bar in D.C., vodka lovers will come across locally distilled Corridor Vodka. District Distilling Co.’s bar serves its vodka alongside other featured spirits.