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Photographs By Jeremy Kim, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

Jonny Grave, one of DC’s hardest working musicians, helped opened Gypsy Sally’s, DC’s newest music venue. The Georgetown venue, located at 3401 K Street NW, is in a neighborhood you might have expected to have a surplus of clubs. It’s located in a neighborhood that needed a music club.


We spoke with Jonny after Friday’s night performance. We learned a few things about why it’s nice to play a new room.

Uncharted Territory

“No one else is playing in the area,” said Grave, “and that’s a good thing.” Though the Kennedy Center isn’t too far away (another venue where Grave has performed) and there are a few bars with open mics within walking distance, there was no real music venue in Georgetown other than Blues Alley.


The lineup is appealing to a wide variety of audiences

According to Grave, last Friday’s lineup consisted of, “Rockabilly, bluegrass and blues and loud rock and roll. People stuck around for the whole night.” Grave actually played two sets, one with his full band, The Tombstones, and an acoustic set before The Highballers.


The sound system is brand new

Grave plays out an average of 20 nights each month. He’s used to broken and beaten down gear. Gypsy Sally’s is still shiny and new.

“The sound system is brand new,” says Grave. “It hasn’t been kicked around 1,000 times and it hasn’t fallen off the stage and the lead singer hasn’t put the microphone stand through a speaker.”


Surprise Factor

New is exciting. New is appealing. New has us intrigued.

Grave on Friday’s night’s crowd reaction: “People have no idea what to expect and when they’re greeted with a room that can fit 300 people with new everything, it’s sensory overload.”


Happy Staff = Happy Venue

“The staff is incredibly nice,” says Grave. “This is Dave and Karen (Ensor)’s new baby, their new creative child and they’re happy to have a place they can put on a show they want to put on. It makes everyone else happy.


Gypsy Sally’s Music Room is open on show nights. Most nights have a show. Visit their music calender for listings. The Vinyl Lounge is open 7 nights a week.

Jonny Grave hosts his 2013 Halloween Circus at the Black Cat on Halloween night.

Scroll through the post for photos of Jonny Grave and the Tombstones, The Highballers and The Delafield String Band.


The Highballers


The Delafield String Band