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Still in a state of depression because you didn’t get Freefest tix? Were you the only one of your friends that never got out of that damn waiting room?


We understand. Well, not really because we’re all going, but we still we feel for you. HOWEVER, it’s time to stop eating your feelings because you still have the opportunity to go to Freefest FO’ (semi) FREE.


No, we’re not pranking you. PLUS you get to help a great cause. So tell all of your friends to suck on that.

To become a FreeIP, you just have to fill out the form and pick if you want to donate a hygiene kit (includes travel sized tooth brush and toothpaste, bath soap, deodorant, lotion and shampoo and conditioner) or volunteer on August 24th (you’ll be painting/planting/other outdoor landscaping activites). After completing one of these, your ticket will get you access to a VIP area and a pavilion seat (ooohhhh ahhhhhh).

It’s first come first serve…SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?