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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Brandon Wetherbee, Video By Brandon Weight

Jenn Tisdale and I got a ride with the good driver from American Top Gear and it was badass and now I’m sincerely interested in Rallycross. We made Armando shoot a video of us sitting in the backseat of a Volkswagen. It was so much fun. SO MUCH FUN! Sitting in the backseat was fun. Watch the fun:

They let two random people make horrible Metallica and “Fuel” and Fuel jokes. Jenn plugged a podcast. I asked about God. Then someone gave me a beer. It was 95 degrees and amazing.


We got up to 100mph. Tanner could care less. Jenn screamed and I maniacally laughed. Tanner and other drivers will reach speeds of 180mph on a .49 mile track. THAT’S VERY FAST. Once again, THAT’S VERY FAST!


I don’t drive. I live in a city so I don’t have to drive. Now I am a fan of Rallycross. And NASCAR. These people take out factory cars and destroy them with speed. This sounds like a 5-year-old that just discovered the add-on to Matchbox cars to get them to go fast on the track. It should. That’s kinda how it felt. So much fun paired with actual fear. Just look at our dumb faces after getting a ride in a Volkswagen…


We look like dumb, happy kids instead of reasonable 30-something’s on a work outing. Whatever. SO MUCH FUN. Go this weekend. The Red Bull Global Rallycross will be at the RFK Festival Grounds on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to men that go against God’s will, there will be stuff like a 65′ Ferris Wheel, face painting, a velcro wall, balloon artists, photo booths and other stuff to make your inner child come out. And beer. Beer will help. And Red Bull. Drink both, get your face painted, watch and worry about a driver’s safety and then stick yourself to a wall.