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Hello BYFriends and welcome to the nightmare that is Tuesday! Usually my advice would be put on some blinders, take a shot of your preferred drink and don’t look back until you’ve reached the serenity of the weekend, but I’ve found a better way to make your week feel worthwhile.

The music video of wsprgrl’s new track “Higher” is a meditative and mesmerizing trip through the beaches and forests of Kauai. If the energetic and pop-forward music won’t lift your spirits, than the stunning video will do the trick. Together? It’s an unstoppable ear and eye worm. That sounds gross, but you get what I mean.

But don’t trust my opinion on it, here’s what Cara Potiker, the musician behind wsprgrl, has to say about it:

“‘Higher’ is a high energy pop song about psychedelic exploration and the pursuit of elevated awareness. My music video shot, directed, and edited by Dan Huiting captures the essence of the song in an array of unique scenes shot on Kauai and the big Island of Hawaii. The main theme of the video is balance. It pans from a ‘light’ version of myself in all white to a more shadowy and lost version of myself in all black. We wanted to create something fun and lighthearted that still nods to the journey and confusion of truly discovering and accepting all forms of yourself. I purposefully avoided makeup and styling so that I could really emphasize the point of the song-we are so much more than our physical bodies.”