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We’re super stoked to be premiering a new video from The Suzan today! “Tokyo”, my personal favorite off the band’s latest EP, Konichiwa, gets brought to life in vibrant color – shot between NYC and Tokyo and produced by produced by Bjorn Yttling, the story centers on two super adorable alien puppets made by Saori and Rie, and takes us on a wild intercity search that ends up being part of a larger interstellar love story. Scope that for the first time right here, and then continue on below to catch a bonus Q+A we did w/ The Suzan – we found out more about the video, whether or not it’s possible to have a pretend Tokyo day in NYC, what the band misses when away from Japan and/or away from NYC and more!

The video is great! How did the idea come about? Did you have any runner-up ideas that didn’t end up working out as the final video?

Thank you! We were trying to make something catchy that has a story and involves both Tokyo and New York. Watching some music videos and exchanging ideas with director and photographer, we thought using stuffed animal could be cute and fun to both watch and  film, so we decided to go with the idea and create puppets by ourselves.

When we first started to talk about the music video, we were also thinking of filming something more poetic, like only filming view from the train window, which we though was cool, too. But we also wanted it to be fun to watch so we decided to go with something that has a story. We didn’t have any runner-up ideas.

Where do you think the puppets have warped to now that they’re reunited?

I think they went back to their home planet.

Did you make the puppets yourselves? How’d you decide what you wanted them to look like? Were there any other prototypes?  

Yes, we did. Blue puppet was made by Saori and yellow puppet was made by Rie. We devised to make puppets which are simple, cute, and somehow lovable like Sesame Street puppets. There are not other prototypes.

If someone in NYC wanted to pretend to be in Tokyo for a day, what would be some good places to go and things to do?

There are none, but maybe Sunrise Japanese Market or Bookoff.

And if someone’s traveling to Tokyo for the first time, what’s something that person could do or see that is very The Suzan-approved?

Asakusa, Harajyuku, Akihabara.

When you’re not in Japan, what are the things you miss the most and/or miss the least?

Japanese food! Such as inexpensive sushi or soba. And the least miss items are clothes and cosmetics of Japan.

And when you’re not in the US, what are the things you miss the most and/or the least?

Brooklyn night clubs. There’s no place like NYC in the world.

Finally, what’s coming up for you guys in 2018 that you’re excited for? Will we be seeing you stateside any time soon? 

We’re preparing for new records. So we’re busy to make new songs. There’s no plan to go to US right now. We hope to go to US soon after we finish new recordings.