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We’re BEYOND stoked to be premiering the new video for The Black Creatures’ super smooth, super vibey “D’ummm” this morning! Mastered by Collin Jordan (Xiu Xiu, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco), the tune appears on their full-length project Wild Echoes, which was released earlier this year.

Here’s what the Kansas City-based band (comprised of Jade Green and Xavier Martin) told us:

“While D’ummm started out as a joke (the prompt was, ‘What sounds like an Erykah Badu quote that isn’t?’), it began to take a life of its own the more we worked on it. Between rehearsing and goofing off, we wrote down and erased ideas intent on celebrating black joy without sacrificing quality or merit. By the time we were performing it live, it had become the bright-eyed, wide-smiled, warm summer time bop in the otherwise somber waters of our performances, and eventually our album Wild Echoes. These days, D’ummm blatantly pays homage to the golden age of hip-hop through inspired nostalgic beats and a descriptive narrative.

In regards to releasing the music video late fall; having a little D’ummm in your pocket — a little bit of summer, celebration, puppy love, nostalgia, community — ready whenever could be exactly what someone needs in the winter of these unprecedented times. In the era of Coronavirus, you gotta take good vibes from wherever you can get ‘em.”

Keep your heart warm, scope the video below, and be sure to show The Black Creatures some love today via Bandcamp Friday, yeah?

Featured image by Beth Taye