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We could not be more excited to premiere Stutter Steps new song! “Floored,” a folky, yet monotonous and drone-y kind of track is perfect for a hazy, humid day like today. It’s the sort of song you listen to while staring up at the ceiling (or the sky) and thinking about things. I’m not 100% sure what I mean but that but it just feels right. Also, I feel like this would work really well set to some sort of montage? Whatever. Just listen to it.

Also, check out what frontman Ben Harrison has to say about the song:

“I suppose Floored was equally inspired by nostalgic memories of Twin Peaks and some of the more darkly intriguing personalities in Andy Warhol’s Factory entourage, that were often referred to as “mole” people, because they only came out at night. Somewhat inherent with the mole people was this sense of manic energy and activity and a hazy surreality that I imagine would eventually lead to fits of exhaustion and collapsing on the floor. I also just like the dual definition of being knocked out by something;  both literally laid out on the floor and being beside yourself or generally overwhelmed. I suppose that also works with the current political climate.”