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Get ready to zone out and rest your hardworking mind for the next two minutes and six seconds! We’re incredibly excited to premiere the lyric video for Simone White‘s “The Beep Beep Song.” The music itself is delicate and soft with a soothing clarity, it’s a refreshing gust of wintery air on a muggy D.C. day, and the lyric video takes its relaxing impulses to another dimension. The perfect complimentary colors, the calming shapes and the excellent timing are calming to the max.

According to the director Elsa Grayson: “My goal for ‘The Beep Beep Song’ video was to interpret Simone‘s lyrics and interlace them into a rhythmic story via two-dimensional visual abstraction. We drew inspiration from Simone‘s love of the color palettes from Hilma af Klint’s paintings, and my fond appreciation for the film title work of Saul Bass.”

So put on your headphones, press play and melt into the music: