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We’re thrilled to be premiering a great new video from Nashville’s Okey Dokey today! “Wine Friends” is the third track to be released off the band’s forthcoming record (Once Upon One Time), which is due out on October 23rd via Park the Van; the lyrics and tune offer an airy, upbeat approach to a heavy subject (DYIN’ ALONE), and we are infinitely HERE FOR IT. (Especially considering the CDC has all but canceled cuffing season this year.) The video mirrors the band’s playful spin on existentialism, and the result is a super colorful, super fun watch.

Of the narrative, Aaron Martin says:

“There is a moment where you settle into the concept that you may be alone someday. People always talk about waiting too long, or missing their moment. I feel like expectation breeds regret and when you get rid of it you can breathe a little more. I feel like a mostly agnostic person, and being open to whatever has given me so many stories to tell. It’s hard to feel negative about the future when the concept of any of it being there at all gets you excited. The past, to me, is like a big piggy bank that grows as long as it has a healthy food supply. So, this song was sorta written as a way to say that dying is something that I will always look forward to as long as I can look back and say that it was my journey and I always embraced it.”

The song is honestly kind of a perfect October vibe, too; it’s getting darker earlier, but you could still technically go to the beach. (Is that a metaphor? I think it could be.) Definitely check it out below:


Featured image credit Lizzy Oakley