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Today we’re pumped to premiere the ultra-colorful video for Elliot Lee’s “GoodBadUgly”, which is a total bop with a strong message.

Here’s what Elliot told us:

This video is my first  story-driven video, and it takes place in this surreal, dream-like pace. It revolves around my relationship with a mannequin that’s representative of everything I’ve always wished I could be physically—tall, thin, and beautiful—but that also lacks the three-dimensionality that humans have. 

Throughout the video, I’m trying to teach the mannequin what it means to be human, but it quickly becomes clear that my deep envy is the actual catalyst in me trying to change her. This story is a bit of a juxtaposition against the cheery, upbeat music of GoodBadUgly, and in being so it’s meant to highlight the song’s driving message of how dangerous and hurtful it can be to idolize people and harbor envy toward those we see as perfect.

Check it out here: