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We’re incredibly excited to debut the Due Diligence‘s new song “Bed Boat” off of their upcoming album Life Is Hard. The song starts off beautifully delicate and contemplative then builds up into the type of jam that is bound to be stuck in your head all day (and we mean that in the best way). Not to mention, the video is truly beautiful. Directed by Rosalind Lilly, it features shadow puppets and projections and has a very floaty and surreal vibe.

It’s the perfect song / video to wake you up a little bit and get you ready for the day.

Here’s what the Due Diligence’s Isaac Gillespie has to say about it:

“The Bed Boat is the space away from the world, safety and floating.
It’s the womb. The idea of letting somebody into that space, that
interior world – it’s the essence of intimacy. I wrote this song when
I was new in New York and my adult self was just being born. It was
exciting to meet the me I’d always been but it was lonely.

I had arrived in New York working 70 hours a week making reality
television. Then the financial crash happened and suddenly I was out of
work, free. I’d found a room off the kitchen in this rent controlled
apartment in the village where nothing had been changed since the mid
sixties. At some point through the decades someone had put a king
sized mattress on top of a giant raised shelf, filling the room on
three sides – wall to wall bed. When I was working someone had invited
me to the Sidewalk Cafe open mic, that famed freak den of NYC
Antifolk. The minute I’d walked in there I knew it would be my home
and now I had time. I found that between unemployment and the odd film
crew gig I could just get by enough to truly devote myself to learning
the craft of songwriting.

At dusk every evening I would walk across the width of Manhattan to the
Sidewalk working on some new song to show off. I’d hum to myself and
watch the people emerge from the chrysalis of their day-job lives
becoming butterflies of their truer night selves. And in a bigger
sense that was what was happening to me.

But the day would come and I would be alone and lost again. I would
walk out to the Hudson River and gaze up at the cruise ships docked –
wild cities floating and free. I started to think of my little room as
a cabin on the cruise, anonymous and safe. It was my womb to go back
to. But I wanted to share it and I didn’t know how. The idea of
letting somebody into that space, that interior world – it’s the
essence of intimacy. Come lay down with me in this space away from
the world and be known. It’s the quiddity of onlyness. Safety and

Want more Due Diligence in your life? (Of course you do) Head to their album release party (aptly name Due Dil ‘N Chill) in Bushwick. Get your tickets here.