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It’s another dreary one out, so we couldn’t be more pleased to offer a bit of a mood brightener in the form of an ultra-colorful video premiere!

Baltimore-based Adjective Animal’s “Everybody Hide” (a track off forthcoming record America’s Got Talons) is a perfectly chilled out tune to start your morning, and you’ll find an extra hit of dopamine in the visual companion; it features beautifully trippy animations by director Ben Clarkson (fitting as the song stems from shrooms), starkly contrasting today’s current gray skies.

From frontman Jon Birkholz:

“The song is about what happens when we succumb to pressures to fulfill the roles presented to us by society. The idea sprang from a mushroom trip following a breakup, my friends and I were talking about the ways that ‘success’ can cause people to hide from what they are trying to do.  In a lot of ways, consumerism and peer pressure work together to create an environment where it is more comfortable to sink into a prescribed role.”

Without further adieu, enjoy!